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Antonio Carraro adds specialist vineyard tractor

The newest tractor in Antonio Carraro’s stable is designed to be the perfect model for high-end vineyard needs

Antonio Carraro has combined the unique features which have made its tractors stand out into one vineyard-focused model – the Tony V.

While its existing range of tractors all suit the specific requirements of horticulture in different ways, the Tony V takes it to a new level.

The V in its model name represents ‘vigneron’, a French word meaning someone who grows grapes and makes their own wine.

“This is specifically for vineyards and the tractor was designed for the Champagne region (of France),” Antonio Carraro Australia national sales manager Marco Corra says.

While the V represents vigneron, it could also represent versatility, given the range of possibilities the tractor offers.

One of the Tony V’s standout features is the three implement hitching areas on the front, rear and middle of the tractor.

Special attention has been given to defining new spaces along the sides for easy installation of mid-mounted implements, which opens additional possibilities for working in vineyards.

“This is handy when you want to do cultivation just under the base of the trees, because instead of only having an attachment behind you, you can have another attachment on the belly plate and the visibility there is fantastic,” Corra says.

The tractor is designed for the unique needs of vineyards. Image: Antonio Carraro

The tractor also offers the same number of hydraulic remotes and couplings in the centre, Corra adds, meaning mid-mounted attachments can be plugged directly in there rather than needing to run hoses to the back.

This is just one example of how Antonio Carraro’s tractor design aims to maximise every single centimetre of space, something which is crucial in the tight confines of a vineyard.

Another example is how the three implement mounting points allow for multiple jobs to be completed at the same time, increasing the tractor’s efficiency.

“This means you can cut the grass with an attachment at the back and use a cultivator at the same time to break down the soil near the base of the trees,” Corra says.

“You can oxygenate the roots and work the soil near the base while you’re cutting the grass.

“There are also couplings at the front, so if you want to put another implement at the front you can also do that.”

Tony V is a tractor designed to work in the narrowest of spaces, while still providing the power necessary to handle work with various implements.

In terms of power, Tony V offers a four-cylinder, 2.9L Deutz engine – with the 8700 V offering 75hp and the larger 11700 V providing 110hp.

The ability to handle attachments has been carefully considered, with Tony V offering a dedicated power transmission for the hydraulic pumps, along with variable displacement, which helps the tractor reach high flow rates with the engine at low speed.

A 35L hydraulic oil tank is separate to the gearbox and used exclusively for the hydraulic couplers, helping when multiple attachments are connected.

There are five different working modes, including the ability to crawl at a minimum speed of just 20 metres per hour.

Tony 8700 V is one of two models in the range. Image: Antonio Carraro

Like other Antonio Carraro tractors, the design principle is to develop a tractor that can fit where other tractors cannot.

Depending on the tyres chosen, Tony V’s external width starts at just 998mm – which Antonio Carraro says makes it the most compact tractor with a conventional chassis and hydrostatic transmission currently available on the market.

“It is also much easier to drive and has an infinite range of speed, because being hydrostatic it has no gears,” Corra says.

Tony V offers one of the highest hydraulic flows in Antonio Carraro’s tractor range, while operators can enjoy the comfort of a fully enclosed cabin.

It provides an ideal balance of the power and features expected on larger tractors, without compromising on the nuances and features required for narrow vineyard work.

A tight turning circle and low centre of gravity make Tony V an efficient and stable tractor when operating in uneven terrain.

The enclosed cabin has 360-degree visibility, including central and lower glazing that offers full visibility of mid-mounted implements, helping operators work with certainty and confidence.

A 2,700kg lift capacity means farmers can easily attach whichever vineyard implements they need for daily operation.

Feedback from European users has been positive since its launch, Corra adds, with the Tony V now on its way to Australia.

Tony V is a specialist tractor for vineyard work. Image: Antonio Carraro

Extra range

The Tony V complements Antonio Carraro’s existing horticulture models, including its popular TGF 8900 R.

One of this tractor’s standout points is the fact it offers a fully pressurised cabin despite its overall height of just 1.74m.

The TGF comes in 90hp and 110hp models with a maximum 50L/minute constant flow.

“It also has the lowest pressurised cabin in the market, with a minimum height of 1.74m,” Corra says.

The low height makes this tractor ideal for working around obstacles such as overhanging branches or crop netting, ensuring operators can safely navigate the industry’s unique challenges.

Smaller front wheels help to create a tight turning radius and make manoeuvring easy, even when working in narrow or sloping crops.

The tractor is also fitted with e-Drive transmission to make changes of direction easy, particularly while using an implement, and offers many other features including an Eco-mode to improve the gearbox’s functionality.

Antonio Carraro’s full tractor range can be viewed at

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