The Commonwealth Bank 2015 Top Tractor Shootout winner is...

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It took two grueling days of testing and several rounds of intense discussion but the judges managed to agree unanimously on which model should be crowned 2015's top tractor.

The winner of the Commonwealth Bank 2015 Top Tractor Shootout is...the Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6.

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Top Tractor Shootout 2015 winner-Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6

Farm Trader technical editor and chief judge Jaiden Drought says the judges sat through hours of vigorous debate around all aspects of the tractors including performance, engine, linkage and hydraulics but it all boils down to one factor: Which tractor gives the users best value for money?

"We all felt similarly about which tractor should win, and it is the Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6," he says.

"For a $130,500 machine, it dyno-ed at 145hp at the PTO, which exceeded the manufacturer’s specifications.

"We felt that the specifications you get for that price was very good."

Despite this, Jaiden adds customers should really consider the tasks at hand and choose the right machine that will cater to their needs.

"We felt overall the Massey Ferguson 7615 was the most well-rounded tractor. It handled the power harrow well, it dyno-ed well, and it also lugged the Super Cracker exceptionally well.

"This coupled with the features that you get for the money, was the reason why it won."

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