Case IH Maxxum 110 XS review | Top Tractor Shootout 2014 - Winner of Best Linkage and Hydraulics

By: Brent Lilley

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3447 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS 1 Coming in with the cheapest price tag on the day by a clear margin means the Case is well worth a look. 3447 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS 1
1926 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS loader A well-designed load in proportion with the tractor and the excellent visibility from the cab makes loader work a breeze in the Case. 1926 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS loader
3416 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS linkage hydraulics Around the back end was where the Case really shone, with the team voting it the best linkage and hydraulics. 3416 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS linkage hydraulics
3433 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS with power harrow The Case proved itself, stirring up a dust storm with the power harrow in the Waikato’s hot, dry conditions. 3433 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS with power harrow
3443 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS loader work Loading sand onto a tip trailer gave the judges a feel for how well the Sigma 4 loader fitted and complemented the tractor. 3443 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS loader work
3569 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS cab doors Large single-piece doors are preferred by some for the easy access they offer, while others dislike the effort required to close them, especially in windy conditions. 3569 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS cab doors
3577 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS dash The dash is clear and easy to interpret, although as it is fixed, it can be blocked by the steering wheel at times. 3577 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS dash
3580 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS joystick controller A simple joystick controller for the Sigma loader is conveniently located next to the armrest. 3580 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS joystick controller
3582 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS seat The comfortable seat and the spacious, well laid-out, four pillar cab offers excellent visibility in all directions. 3582 Case IH Maxxum 110 XS seat

The Case IH Maxxum 110 XS impressed the judges with its array of quality features but it was the price tag that really made the tractor stand out among the others. Brent Lilley checked it out.

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Walking around the Case IH Maxxum 110 XS, kindly loaned for the Top Tractor Shoot Out by the Cambridge branch of Giltrap Agrizone, product managers David Silk and Ben Peters are keen to emphasise easy access to the engine and cooling package for servicing along with the long service intervals Case IH promises at the front end.

Peters also points out the massive hydraulic output and three-point linkage lift capacity around the back end. Once up in the cab he gives us a quick run though of the controls and functions of the buttons to get us all up to speed on the operation of the tractor.



Build quality

Engine and Transmission

Cab and controls

Linkage and Hydraulics



Verdict and Awards




3447-Case -IH-Maxxum -110-XS_1

Generally speaking, Case IH has a fairly good, long-standing reputation for building tractors tough and made to last, and the Maxxum is no exception, starting from the heavy duty front axle, swivel front mudguards, and cut outs in the engine block that allow for a 55-degree steering angle.

The solid cast engine block and transmission housing provides the chassis for the otherwise frameless tractor and is pre-drilled to take the loader mounts.

The back end is equally as heavily engineered. Large flared guards over the rear wheels are great to see, keeping the tractor clean.

Within the cab, the build quality and finish is equally as good as outside, with upholstered areas and moulded plastic.  

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Under the bonnet is the 4.5-litre, 4 cylinder, turbocharged engine with a stated output of 112hp (82.4kW). Unlike others, the Case IH is set up to deliver the full power at all times, rather than boosting, which means the stated power is there under all conditions.

This Tier 3 engine uses two valves per cylinder, with mechanical fuel injection to keep things simple and reduce the potential for problems.

Maximum torque is reached between 1,250rpm and 1,400rpm, with a smooth torque curve to ensure optimum fuel efficiency.

Out in the test field the engine had plenty of power and was responsive under the PTO load of the power harrow. While hooked up to the dyno, the results show that it hung on incredibly well, although it never quite reached its stated output. 

There are a total of 16 gears forward and reverse that are separated into high and low ranges, which in turn have two ranges within them — A and B in low, and C and D in high. Within each lettered range is a four-step clutchless powershift and the gears are numbered from one to 16 through the ranges.

While the powershift steps proved smooth and effective, there is a slight lag between the lettered ranges, but it’s nothing of concern.

The biggest drawback for me was the change from high to low. The lever is rather cumbersome and the split from B8 to C9 seems to fall right in the middle of higher-speed fieldwork.

A handy feature that stood out when using the loader was that the tractor remembers what gear it’s in before a change of direction, then returns to it when travelling the same way again.  

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3582_Case -IH-Maxxum -110-XS_seat

The light brown interior of the cab feels calming and familiar, while easily standing up to years of abuse without showing its age too badly.

A large upholstered deluxe air seat for the driver was one of the most comfortable of all tractors tested and gave a smooth ride, even though the tractor lacked cab suspension featured on other makes.

Likewise the passenger’s seat was upholstered, comfortable, and sturdy for those riding shotgun, unlike others which force passengers to perch, sometimes on flimsy plastic ledges.

The cab is also very spacious when compared to other brands, and large panes of glass filling in the four-post cab give excellent visibility in all directions

An adjustable steering wheel makes getting in and out easy and driving more comfortable, although, as the dash is fixed, the steering wheel will block some vital areas of the dash in certain positions.    

As far as the tractor’s controls go, they are well laid out, largely to the right-hand side of the operator, logically grouped together and colour coded, making it easy for most people to jump in and go.

Power take-off controls are yellow and towards the rear pillar, which is a convenient spot to see the rear of the machine when you are turned around.

Mechanical linkage spool valve levers are within easy reach and the three-point linkage controls (which feature push-buttons and a dial) are cleverly incorporated into the right-hand armrest of the seat.

A lever to change between high and low range is easy to use in conjunction with a push-button electronic clutch on the lever or the clutch pedal on the floor.

We were all in agreement the Case IH Maxxum 110 XS has an excellent cab for the operator and is largely very user-friendly. Anyone who’s spent a lot of time in any Case IH will feel immediately at home when they jump in this beauty, and newcomers will have it sorted out in no time at all.

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3416-Case -IH-Maxxum -110-XS-linkage -hydraulics

The three-point linkage at the rear of the Case IH proved itself over the course of the two days to be the best specced and designed of all makes.

The lift capacity is a whopping 7,864kg at the link arm ends, which on its own sets it above all the competitors.

The judges general consensus was the Case IH Maxxum is the easiest of the machines for hitching and unhitching implements, which was largely due to the length of the link arms — long enough to give the operator room for access but not so long as to upset the balance of the tractor or detract from the lift capacity.

The hydraulics is another area in which the Case IH once again excelled.

The main hydraulic pump provides an impressive 113 litres per minute, which will be more than adequate for almost all demands, while a separate dedicated pump with a 40-litre per minute output is used for the steering circuit to ensure there is always enough oil for steering.

The hydraulics powered the loader and the tip trailer smoothly and effortlessly on the day without even a hint of strain.

One thing that didn’t seem logical to the judges was the SCVs on the back, which are stacked vertically and numbered one to three from the bottom to the top. Then in the cab, the levers are one to three from the front to the back — a bit confusing, although I guess it’s what you get used to.

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3443_Case -IH-Maxxum -110-XS_loader -work

We were using the three-metre Alpego power harrow straight into uncultivated ground and anyone who attended Grasslandz will most likely remember the hard-baked nature of the soil underfoot.

The Case IH handled it well and a headland management was set up to switch the PTO off when the implement was lifted, then back on when lowered, which made turning at headlands a breeze.

A Sigma 4 Gold Edition loader* on the front of the Case IH proved itself to be a great match. It fit well without too much overhang on what is quite a short wheelbase tractor, boom suspension, a third service, and a faster multi-coupler was also great to see included.

The excellent visibility from the cab definitely comes into play when using the loader and the sunroof also adds to this when performing tasks requiring the loader at maximum height.

The tractor felt well-balanced when using the loader, even with a full bucket of sand. The tractor’s hydraulics had no trouble at all powering the loader, and the joystick in the cab was quite simple, although it was well mounted within easy reach of the operator’s armrest.

*Note: the Sigma 4 Gold Edition loader is not available in Asutralia.

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A single-piece bonnet is supported with heavy duty gas struts and gives excellent access to the engine from ground level when open.

Although it’s convenient for the engine oil to be checked on the left-hand side without needing to open the bonnet, I would say most people are going to want to check under there anyway.

The cooling package at the front uses four separate components that slide and hinge, giving excellent access to each component for cleaning. High capacity oil and fuel filters are easily accessed from ground level, and most will be impressed with Case IH’s suggested engine oil and filter change intervals of 600 hours, along with 1,200-hour transmission oil changes for reduced costs and downtime.

Anyone with doubts about the service intervals should note Case IH provides an impressive three-year or 3,000-hour warranty on its tractors showing the company’s confidence in the long oil change intervals and the quality of its product. 

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In some ways, the Case IH results will be predictable to many, but definitely in a good way.

The Case IH Maxxum 110 XS, like most Case IH tractors, has some good, strong features, such as its linkage lift capacity and its hydraulic system.

The cab also warrants a special mention for being spacious and providing excellent visibility, along with its very comfortable seats for both the driver and passenger. Weaknesses are fairly minimal.

The biggest surprise for me and the other judges was the price — it was by far the cheapest tractor on the day and offered fantastic value for money.

Top Tractor Shoot Out 2014 Awards Won:


Best Linkage

Best Hydraulics


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Make/model: Case IH Maxxum 110 XS

Rated engine power: 112hp (84.2kW)

Max. torque: 450Nm

Fuel tank capacity: 176 litres

Transmission: 16x16, four powershifts in four ranges

PTO: 540 / 540E / 1,000

Max. hydraulic output: 113 litres per minute

Max. lift capacity: 7,864kg

Dimensions: 4,292mm L x 2,694mm H x 1,873mm W

Weight: 4,790kg

Price as tested (incl loader): $109,000

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