Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 Review | Winner 2015 Top Tractor Shootout

By: Jaiden Drought, Photography by: Euan Cameron, Video by: Stephen Dwight, Josh Robinson

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Massey Ferguson’s base model from its award-winning 7600 series has stepped up to the challenge, thoroughly impressing the Top Tractor Shootout judges and ultimately taking out the crown.

Despite the obvious calibre of all the entrants and highly competitive line-up there are a number of reasons our Top Tractor Shoot Out judges unanimously decided on the Massey Ferguson 7615 as the 2015 winner.

We were looking for the best value for money tractor under $140,000 and all things considered, we are convinced this is it.

The Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 is a good looking, well designed tractor, with many features we did not take full advantage of on the day.

However, there is no doubt it stood out from the crowd in terms of individual customisation, particularly in the way transmission and hydraulic settings all combined in a comfortable, well refined cab.



With a rated horsepower of 150, the Massey Ferguson 7615 passed the dyno test with flying colours with a healthy 145hp (108kW) result.

The power comes from the Finnish-made SISU 6.6L, 6 cylinder four-valve engine, which is turbocharged and intercooled.

The Sisu power plant meets European Union legislation Stage 3B (Tier 4i) using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) with AdBlue.



The Dyna 6 is a well proven user friendly transmission, which gives 24 speeds with six speeds in four ranges. There are two modes in the transmission, speed matching and auto drive.

Speed matching is your field mode where it will automatically change the six gears in that range but you then have to push an additional button to do a range change.

Transport (or auto drive mode) operates like a full powershift and changes straight up from first gear in the first range right through the sixth gear in the fourth range, so all you have to do it set the engine rev parameters for when it changes and off you go.

There are a number of different settings for the transmission which are very nifty, although this does take some homework. That said, all the automation can be turned off and driven like any other normal semi-powershift transmission, all without having to touch the clutch.



Massey -Ferguson -7615-Dyna -6-engine

Serviceability impressed all four judges, both in terms of its ease and innovation. Vital parts are more likely to be checked on a daily basis, because it is easy to do so. When coupled with 500-hour engine and 1,500-hour transmission service intervals, this is likely to keep the cost of ownership down.

Both daily checks and all interval servicing are carried out on the left-hand side of the machine. For our sometimes dodgy fuel, two pre-filters and two secondary filters allow filtration lower than 2 micron. Engine oil can be checked without lifting the one-piece bonnet.

One stand out feature is the remote greasing bank for the front axle pivot points. There are two grease nipples on the standard bank and three if the tractor has front suspension.

The cooling pack is fixed with plenty of room to get in and blow out, without the need for finger jamming folding radiator stacks, with everything serviceable from the ground.



The six-pillar cab is well laid out, bright and comfortable. Large wing mirrors aid rear visibility and smaller doors will play less havoc in the wind. The ’old’ six-pillar design rarely hampers visibility.

In the seat you’re placed high over the top of the bonnet, which slopes away quickly. This is something you don’t notice at first, but hopping between all six tractors, it becomes quite apparent and I suspect would make it good for loader work.

On the outside, a full light package of 12 work lights is standard with six on front, six on back.



Massey -Ferguson -7615-Dyna -6-cab

The armrest controls in the Massey are very easy to use. The transmission ‘T’ stick is up front, while engine and transmission pre-set triggers, headland management, hand throttle and linkage controllers are in the middle.

To the right is a large electronic joystick with gear change and a shuttle button which also controls two rear remotes.

The key point with the controls on the 7615 is flexibility to suit different applications. An example of this is the transmission, which can be used from four different locations in the cab; the left-hand shuttle, the armrest ‘T’ stick, the joystick or the foot pedal when in auto mode.

There is also a declutch button on the back of the joystick so you can feather the uptake if need be. The only gripe here is that you can’t shuttle on the left and then next time on the joystick. Instead, you have to choose one and stick to it.



The 7615 was equipped with three remotes; two electronic and one manual as standard, although you can go to four spools all electric for an additional $1,700, which seems reasonable.

The in-cab joystick can be set up to control a loader if one is fitted, although mid-mount valves would be the best option here. This allows the loader to be controlled electronically with its own flow and time adjustment as well as third and fourth service on the top of the joystick.

The only downside is that this limits the number of rear remotes you can use simultaneously. You have to switch between the front end loader and the three rear remotes.

The 110 l/m closed centre load sensing (CCLS) swash plate pump is not the most powerful among contestants nor was its power beyond standard (it is optional), but this is the only machine where it is possible to operate the spools individually via the levers mounted externally, directly on the valve block.



With maximum lift capacity of 8.6 tonnes the Massey Ferguson is by no means tested to its limit this day. The linkage is well laid out and uncluttered, which makes hitching the implements a doddle.

We cursed the conventional top link holder on a number of occasions though to be honest it was very good at holding the top link securely when not in use.

It’s in the road however, and at risk of being damaged when the top link is in use and at a good height for hitting your head when hitching implements.



Massey -Ferguson -7615-Dyna -6-cultivator

The low-down design of the Massey, achieving very little weight above the half way mark of the rear wheels means excellent stability on hills.

The longer wheel base of the 6 cylinder machine feel well balanced and definitely aid traction.

The Sisu engine has its peak torque at a lot lower engine revs, which allows the machine to really lug down but not come off the power with only 5hp (3.7kW) difference between 760 and 1,000 PTO speed.

This is evident on the dyno and also in use on the Falc power harrow, which is pleasing.



The key thing to remember with this tractor is that while it is neither the cheapest nor the most powerful of our Top Tractor Shootout line-up, we felt it represented excellent value for money in terms of what the machine offers to a wide range of buyers. 

To get the tractor to move and operate is easy, although the level of adjustment available is not just a matter of flicking a switch and off you go.

Some bedtime reading may be needed, but it is better to have it and not use it, than not have it at all, which is the key difference over the competition and another reason we felt it was the deserving winner. 


  • Well laid out cab
  • Plenty of individual customisation of controls
  • 4-speed PTO
  • Transmission can be controlled from four different locations
  • Daily servicing has been well thought-out
  • The engine held on very well over a wide PTO speed band and never really felt like it was going to drop off the power
  • Transmission can be driven through all 24 speeds without using the clutch
  • Only tractor to have electric spools including a joystick with gear and direction changes as standard


  • Spools are coloured but there is no corresponding colour on the Dyna-6 joystick
  • The top link holder is awkward
  • The doors were very hard to close


Top Tractor Shootout 2015 Awards:

  • Supreme Award — Best Value for Money under $140,000

  • Best Controls

  • Best Innovation

  • Best Serviceability

  • Best Hydraulics

  • Best Equipped

  • Best Dyno Closest to Rated Power



Make/Model: Massey Ferguson7615 Dyna 6

Engine: 6 cylinder, 6.6-litre, four-valve Tier3B, common rail turbocharged and intercooled

Rated Power: 150hp/112kW, 660Nm @1,500rpm

Transmission: Four range/ 6-speed 24-speed powershift Dyna 6 (40km/h)

Suspension: Two-point cab suspension (spring and dampener)

Max. lift on linkage: 8,600kg at ball ends

Click here for the full specs.


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Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 George Andrews from JJs gives the judges the low down on the 7615. Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6
Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 bonnet The staunch-looking Massey is well equipped with lights. Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 bonnet
Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 cab In-cab controls with the armrest mounted joystick is a key feature. Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 cab
Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 cultivator The crowds flocked to see the Alpego Super Cracker frame deep in the ground. Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 cultivator
Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 dyno This Massey, like most other Masseys passed the dyno test with flying colours. Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 dyno
Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 engine All daily and routine servicing is done on the left-hand side of the machine. Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 engine
Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 linkage There’s a large amount of room between the cab and the chassis. Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 linkage
Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 power harrow The 7615 is a good looking beast and the power harrow performance was equally impressive. Massey Ferguson 7615 Dyna 6 power harrow

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