New Holland T6070 Elite review | 2015 Top Tractor Shootout

By: Mark Fouhy , Photography by: Euan Cameron, Video by: Stephen Dwight, Josh Robinson

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While not exactly new to the market, New Holland’s T6070 Elite definitely measured up to its newer counterparts in the 2015 Top Tractor Shootout, delivering in several categories including affordability and ease of operation.

This year, NZ-based New Holland tractor and machinery distributor CB Norwood’s Greg Moore brought along the English-built T6070 Elite model to compete in the Top Tractor Shoot Out.

The top of the range T6070 pumps out a maximum boosted PTO (power take-off) horsepower of 163 (121kW), with just enough bells and not too many electronic whistles. For that, it wins awards for ease of operation, longest service interval (equal) and linkage.

The T6070 is not the latest tractor model released onto the market, having been in production since 2010, yet given this, the other judges and I agree it must have been well specced at the time, because it still measures up against the other machines tested.

Coming in at just over $116,000, it is also one of the most affordable tractors in our Top Tractor Shoot Out.



The T6070 uses a Tier 3 Fiat Power Train (FPT) engine, where most of the tractor models in the Top Tractor Shoot Out this year are Tier 4i (or 3B).

Benefits of this Tier 3 engine over the newer technology comes in the form of being single fuel machines, although they are 100 per cent biodiesel capable.

In my view there isn’t necessarily a need for big exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) units and diesel particulate filters (DPFs) under the bonnet or mounted onto the exhaust. Without them, visibility and manoeuvrability are improved and in general, less stuff to go wrong.

For the second biggest horsepower machine tested, the T6070 looked to be the second smallest in stature — so a powerful machine in a smaller package.

With Tier 3 engines being older technology (which is still perfectly fine for Australian and New Zealand regulations), bang for buck in terms of horsepower for your dollars spent is very good.



A 17x16 Active Electro Command transmission is fitted to the Elite model of the T6070. There are four ranges split into four gears (although the top range has a fifth, which gives an eco gear for haulage applications).

To change between gears four and five you can push the range button but the clutch is required for the change between eight and nine.

We did find there to be quite a lag between fourth and fifth gear, so it is just a matter of getting to know your machine/implements.

Although we don’t get the opportunity to test all the features of the transmission, New Holland’s Greg Moore points most of these out to us. For example Moore shows us the programmable shuttle gears for loader work and auto change in field/road mode which makes operation easy.



New Holland T6070 Elite-engine serviceability

All four judges were impressed with the service intervals of the New Holland, scoring equal top marks with its Case IH Puma 160 cousin.

After initial servicing, they both offer ‘manufacture leading’ 600-hour engine oil/filter service and 1,200-hour transmission.

A one-piece bonnet provides good access for cleaning the cooling units. The oil dipstick/filler is on the left side, a handy reminder to ensure operators don’t forget this in daily checks.

The hydraulic oil uses a visual sight glass at the rear and has grease nipples on moving steering points up front. The addition of connections for jump starting on the right-handside is quite a handy feature — you can help the neighbour start their tractor.



The T6070 has a host of features to make long days in field easier.

Lighting control layout is good. A deluxe air suspended seat, coupled with cab suspension takes care of rough paddocks for the operator.

The passenger hasn’t been forgotten either, with a comfortable padded seat.



 New Holland T6070 Elite-cab

In terms of ease of operation, we score the New Holland best in this area, being the easiest of the tractors to get on and start working.

We put this down to simple controls. There are linkage controls built into your armrest, a single gear lever for range changes, two button choices for gear changes within ranges (on the gear lever, or side panel, whichever you prefer) and clearly colour-coded rear remotes with corresponding colours in the cab and at the rear of the tractor.

All information on the T6070 is displayed either on or around the dash; just scroll through for options. A variety of electrical connections are available in the back right-hand corner of the cab.



New Holland uses a closed circuit load sensing (CCLS) system on its T6070 tractors, with the Elite model offering 113 l/m of hydraulic flow, enough for the most demanding of hydraulic loads.

To make sure this is not compromised, a second pump runs the steering, producing a further 40 l/m.

Three mechanical rear remotes are fitted as standard, with the option of more or electrohydraulic remotes.

While lift capacity is tested with the heavy Falc 5m power harrow, hydraulic flow is only tested by folding the power harrow and on the rear roller on the AlpegoCracker; neither of which provide any real challenge for the New Holland.



Ease of use is important for all tractors. With linkage set-up, you don’t want to lose time changing implements. The T6070 has this area well sorted.

A top link holder that doesn’t get in the way of implements is always a good start and a good length on the lower arms makes the connection of implements easier.

Lift capacity is also important. This machine has 7.8-tonne available, which should be sufficient for most. It is ample for the Falc 5m power harrow and Alpego Cracker we use to test the tractors.

Also important is total lift height. With the long legs of the ripper, when in transport you want the feet more than an inch off the ground.

 The New Holland gives around a foot of ground clearance, without having to wind up all the manual adjustments.

Simple controls are mounted on the armrest, with controls on both rear fenders making implement mounting easy and safe.



New Holland T6070 Elite tractor-perofrmance

Our testing with DPS puts the T6070 on the dyno, which shows the max boosted PTO horsepower coming in at 163hp (121kW, the same as quoted in the sales brochure).

For the $116,083 (plus GST) price tag, you would be paying a little over $700/hp boosted and under $900/hp unboosted for our test machine; quite a bit less than the $1,000/hp often talked about in new tractor purchasing terms.

This boosted horsepower is most noticeable on the Falc power harrow, chosen specifically to test the working limits of these machines in a confined space

Like all the tractors tested with the Alpego Cracker in the ground, we do have the T6070 scratching the ground a little. The hidden rocks of the Canterbury plains are certainly not enough to worry it though.

The hydraulic linkage system uses a soft ride method of engagement over 8km/h and will be of great benefit again in transport mode, offering a better ride for the driver and saving excessive loading on tractor and implement components.



The T6070 would be well-suited as a loader tractor given its sloping bonnet, clear roof panel and good forward visibility from the large four-pillar cab. The smooth shuttle is also great for delicate loader work.

For a model that was released around five years ago, the New Holland T6070 has certainly aged well. The features offered for the horsepower you get deliver great bang for buck.


  • Simple and easy to operate 
  • A solid performer offering good Hp for initial purchase price
  • Large service intervals, keeping the overall cost of ownership down
  • Good linkage, high lift capacity, easily adjusted stabilisers and good top link system


  • Reach from driving position to high range to shift gears and the same applies to the hand throttle with higher revs
  • Not as technologically advanced electronics/engine, however basic can be good


Top Tractor Shootout 2015 Awards:

  • Best Ease of Operation

  • Best Linkage

  • Best Longest Service Interval (Equal)

  • Highly Commended



Make/model: New Holland T6070 Elite

Engine: 6-cylinder, 6.7-litre Tier 3, common rail diesel

Rated power (hp/kW): 163hp/121kW (boosted) 620Nm @ 2,200rpm

Transmission: Four range/17F 16R Active Electro Command (40km/h)

Suspension: Comfort ride cab suspension (spring and dampener)

Click here for the full specs.


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New Holland T6070 Elite-cultivator performance Despite being five years old, the blue and yellow tractor stacked up very well against its newer counterparts. New Holland T6070 Elite-cultivator performance
New Holland T6070 Elite-power harrow Boosted to 163hp, the 5m power harrow didn’t trouble the blue machine. New Holland T6070 Elite-power harrow
New Holland T6070 Elite Sales time with Greg Moore from New Holland NZ. New Holland T6070 Elite
New Holland T6070 Elite-cab visibility The four-pillar cab provides great visibility. New Holland T6070 Elite-cab visibility
New Holland T6070 Elite-engine servicing One-piece bonnet provides easy access for daily servicing. New Holland T6070 Elite-engine servicing
New Holland T6070 Elite-dyno test Edwin from DPS checking the PTO power of the New Holland. New Holland T6070 Elite-dyno test
New Holland T6070 Elite-cab and controls With not too many bells and whistles, anyone can jump right in and have no problems operating the tractor. New Holland T6070 Elite-cab and controls

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