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Bobcat moves into utility tractor market

Bobcat’s expansion into the Australian utility tractor market is good news for farmers wanting the brand’s reliability and features, but with an increased horsepower

Bobcat Australia distributor Clark Equipment has announced two new tractor models, marking a step up to the utility market for local customers.

The two new tractors are the UT6570 and UT6580, both cabin models which offer 66hp and 76hp respectively.

These are now the largest Bobcat tractors available in Australia, with all other existing models in the range fitting into the compact category.

Clark Equipment national product manager Ian Knoke says the local popularity of Bobcat’s existing tractors, plus a market desire for a step up in power, has prompted the expansion.

Knoke says manoeuvrability is one of the UT6570 and UT6580’s standout features, with the comfort levels and ease of use being other major areas of appeal.

“The finish and the manoeuvrability are what makes this tractor stand out,” he says.

“The ergonomics are definitely a drawcard and make this a nicer thing to be to be sitting in.

“They are power shuttle, which means less wear and tear on your clutches, and offer a really good warranty.”

Both tractor models offer a four-cylinder engine plus increased 95L fuel tank to give operators more productive time.

Fully synchronised Power Shuttle transmission offers 24 speeds in both forward and reverse, meaning smooth and easy shifting on the move.

A mechanical self-levelling loader with improved cycle times, including a four-in-one bucket, automatically keeps a load level throughout the full range of motion.

A Category II three-point hitch enables versatility with both PTO-powered and non-powered implements.

Other features of the new tractors include a bevel gear front axle, hydraulic 4WD, and external hydraulic cylinders.

Inside the cabin, reduced noise and vibration helps to increase operator comfort, as does a fully adjustable suspension seat, air conditioning and remote joystick.

“If you want a utility tractor that encompasses safety, performance, economy and comfort, these are perfect,” Knoke says.

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