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Brisbane Mini Excavators expands Hercules fleet

Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales’ new Hercules loaders, graders and telehandlers have arrived, with customers eager to get their hands on the in-demand machines

March was an exciting month for the Hercules machinery distributor – bringing in a new suite of machines that it says customers have been calling for.

As an expanding company, Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales has increased the size of its Hercules farm machinery fleet – providing cost-effective options without compromising quality, such as with its new loader range.

HERCULES Loadmaster

A key staple of the line-up is a new loader model, the Hercules HLM series, better known as the ‘Loadmaster’.

“They’re a new range for customers that want a cost-effective loader that doesn’t lack quality,” sales executive Steven Ragenovich says.

An offshoot of the orange coloured ‘Series 2’ models, the Loadmaster encompasses a different engine and transmission type but still provides the same Hercules quality.

“We’re getting customers that only want to use a loader for marginal hours, so they want to spend less money,” Ragenovich says.

“The Loadmaster is a cost-effective machine for those wanting to use a machine for these types of hours.”

BMES offers three different types of loaders – the yellow heavy-duty HD series, the Series 2 models and now the Loadmaster HLM series.

The Hercules HLM105 Loadmaster series are cost-effective machines. Image: Brisbane Mini

HERCULES H738 telehandler

Among the new lines of machines, BMES has also introduced the Hercules H738 telehandler which according to Ragenovich offers a very competitive price when compared to other brands.

With increasing demand from customers, Ragenovich says it became clear that BMES had to start stocking telehandlers such as the H738.

“We’ve been asked by a lot of our clients about telehandlers, so we’ve decided to fulfil their request with these new machines,” he says.

The new telehandler boasts a 100hp (73.5kW) Cummins engine, a seven-metre maximum reach and a rated load of three tonnes.

Sold with load sensing displays and three different steering modes, Ragenovich says the H738 has impressive quality – a common theme of the new models.

The new telehandler comes in with an eight-tonne operating weight and a rollover protective system cabin, keeping farmers safe when working in paddocks.

The Hercules H738 telehandler boasts a 7m maximum reach. Image: Brisbane Mini

HERCULES HG140 grader

Also new to BMES’ fleet is its Hercules HG140 motor grader.

With a larger cabin space than most competing brands and a 1.9m height, he says the grader provides exceptional comfort and safety.

“The grader comes with 360-degree bush guards as standard, providing extra safety and protection for an operator in the cabin,” Ragenovich says.

This new machine weighs 18 tonnes and boasts a 180 horsepower (132.4kW) Caterpillar nominated engine.

“It has a 14-foot blade (4,267mm), hydraulic rear rippers and scarifiers as well as a front blade,” Ragenovich says.

Discussing the three new models of machines, Ragenovich says it is a testament to the business’ focus – constantly upgrading and making products better for customers.

Continuous upgrades

As a family-owned business, BMES strives to support its customers and give them the best solutions for their projects, Ragenovich says.

BMES continually caters towards customer demands and this is why the company is looking at bringing in even more machines.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to keep upgrading our machines over the course of the last 13 years in loader development and other machines, to make our products better and reliable for our customers,” Ragenovich says.

“Clients have asked us about wanting bulldozers that are built by the same factory that supply Hercules Loaders, so we’re going to move into the dozer market eventually.”

With four individual buildings and nearly 20 staff, BMES can sufficiently support its customers Australia-wide.

As a supporting partner of BEEF 2024, about 20 of BMES’ machines will be on display during the event in Rockhampton between May 5-11.

Ragenovich says about 10 of these will be new models, with the HLM Loadmaster, H738 telehandler and the HG140 grader all planned for showcasing.

For more information on BMES’ new Hercules machines, visit or call 07 3807 4333.

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