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BYPY’s formula keeps farming moving at harvest time

Quality parts from Bondioli & Pavesi which are ready for national distribution means BYPY Transmissions has harvest needs covered

Harvest is a crucial time of year for farmers, and a time when many things can go wrong.

Some of these factors are beyond any farmer’s control, but others – such as ensuring machines are ready to perform consistently with quality parts fitted before the rush – are easier to get right.

BYPY Transmissions – the Australian distributor of Bondioli & Pavesi products – has all the PTO shafts, gearboxes, clutches and parts required to keep farmers moving at their busiest time.

BYPY distributes products across the country from its national warehouse in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong and is equipped to help farmers with what they need when they need it most, not once the season is over.

“We’re ready to facilitate harvest and hay requirements for the 2023-24 season,” BYPY spokesman Ashley Male says.

“A lot of the time you find harvest and baling stock comes in dribs and drabs through the season. We have it all here at the start of the season.”

BYPY Transmissions does more than just supply parts, also offering customers the ability to have units tested and repaired among a full range of shaft services.

“Obviously it’s not always cost-effective for people to send their PTO shafts from one side of the country to the other and back again, but we do a lot of local repairs,” Male says.

“Clutch testing has become a big thing as machines are getting bigger. We can check and make sure the clutches are within specified limits and obviously repair as necessary.”

BYPY’s national warehouse is well stocked

The core of BYPY’s product range is Bondioli & Pavesi, which is an Italian manufacturer with more than 70 years of history as a company and which builds products which are designed for the long term.

Male says this quality European manufacturing has meant Bondioli & Pavesi’s presence has continued to increase inside machines from the likes of New Holland, Case IH and Kuhn.

“There’s more and more of the Bondioli & Pavesi product coming through on some of the major equipment manufacturers’ machines,” he says.

“They have used it for many decades, but a lot of the big implement brands out of Europe as well are increasingly using the Bondioli & Pavesi product.

“That’s driving our demand and our need to carry more and more stock, because there’s simply more of it in the market.”

Harvest time means a particular focus on balers, and BYPY is prepared for the demand in big baler shafts.

“The big baler market is where I know there is a shortage in the market and we have it covered this season,” Male says.

“For contractors and everyone with big balers, we have the big baler shaft alternative, which I think they will find more than up to the challenge of the equipment.”

BYPY Transmissions is ready to supply farmers at harvest time

Male says lead times on stock are returning to pre-pandemic levels, which has helped BYPY to keep its products flowing into the country from Europe.

This, of course, is only one part of the equation for a national distributor.

The quantity of stock on hand becomes almost redundant if it cannot be efficiently distributed to farmers around Australia.

An experienced, stable team at its national warehouse means BYPY Transmissions can send items around the country daily to keep farmers and contractors moving.

“We provide customer service that I like to think is very responsive,” Male says.

“We try and deal with every inquiry within a couple of hours, if applicable.

“Sometimes it might take a couple of days of back-and-forth communication to get the right end result, but we try and resolve most enquiries within the first 24 hours, if not quicker.

“Our stock levels allow us to pack and send most of the product daily and if we get the orders in by about 1pm, we can usually get it out that afternoon.

“More often than not when you contact us, you’re getting the same people.

“We care about the end result that the farmer is getting value for money, and getting what is required to do the job safely with the right product for their needs.

“I think that’s what makes us stand out. We aim for the service to back the quality of product, and the quality of product also backs our service.”

BYPY Transmissions’ national warehouse is located at 16 Dingley Avenue, Dandenong and the product range can be viewed at

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