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CJD Equipment stocking first Volvo electric wheel loader

A Volvo Construction Equipment electric machine suited to a range of applications is the first in a new range of electric compact wheel loaders available from CJD Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has stepped up to the challenge as the world increasingly shifts its focus towards sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The Volvo L25 electric wheel loader offered by CJD Equipment is a prime example of the shift in construction and agricultural equipment, to sustainable and innovative machinery.

Well-suited for farmers transporting substantial loads or materials, the L25 electric wheel loader comes with a 1.2 cubic metre capacity bucket as standard, with options of a forklift, grapple, or material handling arm.

Its zero exhaust emissions and reduced noise levels make it a perfect choice for tasks close to livestock or within natural surroundings.

“Reduced noise levels also allow for easier communication when working and lead to a more comfortable and safe work environment,” CJD Equipment electric and sustainable technologies product manager Reid Gibson says.

Transitioning to electric power also offers additional benefits beyond noise reduction, CJD says, such as significantly reduced vibrations – due to the absence of a diesel engine.

By reducing vibrations over extended hours, CJD says operator fatigue can be minimised, allowing farmers to work in safer and more comfortable conditions.

Innovative features, such as the electric park brake with hill-hold functionality, advances safety standards – particularly in challenging terrain such as farmland.

A new Electric Machine Management App provides operators with real-time insights into charging status, battery level and machine location.

Compact in nature, the versatile machine is perfect for navigating confined, narrow spaces. The L25 wheel loader also supports various Volvo attachments, providing adaptability for the multiple tasks that farm work may require.

The Volvo L25 electric wheel loader is available from CJD Equipment. Image: CJD Equipment

Maintenance free

A primary advantage of the Volvo electric machinery over diesel machinery is the virtually maintenance-free nature of electrical components, batteries and motors, CJD says.

In the case of the L25 electric wheel loader, CJD says its fully electric driveline significantly reduces the use of hydraulic oil by half, eliminating the need for engine maintenance.

The absence of an engine in the electric wheel loader also removes the necessity of maintenance products associated with traditional engines, such as engine oil, oil filters, diesel particulate filters or diesel exhaust fluid.

Due to the machine requiring less maintenance than diesel models, farmers in rural areas don’t have to worry about getting to long-distance service centres if needed, in the case of breakdowns.

To make machine monitoring even easier on farm properties, CJD says a new and improved Human-Machine Interface (HMI) has been implemented, allowing operators to navigate seamlessly through machine information and settings.

“Across the Volvo electric range, there is a 35 per cent reduction in lower maintenance costs vs diesel equivalent models,” Gibson says.

“The Volvo L25 electric wheel loader distinguishes itself with easily accessible lubrication and maintenance points, all conveniently located at ground level.

“Adding new wet-disc brakes reduces this need for maintenance.”

Zero exhaust emissions and reduced noise levels make it well-suited for tasks close to livestock. Image: CJD Equipment

Electric efficiency

Featuring a Lithium-Ion 48V battery with a capacity of 40kW/h, CJD says the five-tonne wheel loader emphasises Volvo’s commitment to environmental sustainability and elevates operational efficiency.

A dual electric motor concept is at the centre of the machine to enable optimal energy efficiency.

One electric motor is exclusively allocated for the working hydraulics and steering, with a peak power of 32kW.

The second electric motor is dedicated solely to the driveline, directly linked to the rear axle via the gearbox.

“This configuration guarantees peak efficiency in the drivetrain, with the electric motor in the driveline delivering a maximum power of 36kW,” Gibson says.

“Due to the machine’s zero-tailpipe emissions, the L25 also operates seamlessly in indoor environments and emission-restricted zones, giving operators a choice for a cleaner, quieter work environment.”

The L25 electric model’s powertrain design provides superior responsiveness and controllability compared to traditional diesel machines, CJD says.

Propelled by the electric motor linked to the gearbox and rear axle, Gibson says the electric system facilitates instant torque control.

This feature enables the loader to achieve maximum power output without the delay associated with waiting for RPM to build up.

The machine comes with 1.2 cubic metre capacity bucket as standard, with options of a forklift, grapple, or material handling arm. Image: CJD Equipment

Gibson says the electric powertrain is much simpler than its diesel counterpart, with fewer moving parts and a transmission system that efficiently regulates power and torque – leading to more rapid and direct responses.

The electric wheel loader encompasses an onboard charging system that comes with a charging cable, plug and adapters.

“The onboard charge enables the machine to charge from 0 to 100 per cent in under six hours,” Gibson says.

With these charging accessories, CJD says operators can easily maintain the machine’s power levels – enhancing productivity on the job site.

“This machine sets new standards for efficiency, performance and environmental stewardship,” CJD says.

“In an era where reducing carbon footprints and embracing clean energy solutions are paramount, Volvo’s innovative electric wheel loader emerges.”

CJD Equipment boasts an extensive national support network. For further details on the Volvo L25 electric wheel loader, reach out to your local CJD branch at 1300 139 804 or visit

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