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Clark Equipment adds two McCormick tractors

Two general-purpose tractors that meet the needs of a wide demographic, bearing the trusted McCormick brand name, has local distributor Clark Equipment confident about its newest addition

McCormick’s local tractor range has grown, thanks to the arrival of two new general-purpose models at distributor Clark Equipment.

The B-Max 85 and 110 models are designed to be uncomplicated but versatile tractors that suit the needs of general duties farmers.

Aside from the power, which is 102hp on the B-Max 110 compared to 84hp on the B-Max 85, a significant point of difference between the models is that the larger tractor offers a fully enclosed cabin compared to a ROPS on the smaller B-Max 85.

While their desired horsepower and preference for a cabin may dictate which of the two models an individual might favour, Clark Equipment’s national product manager David Knoke believes both models have plenty of appeal for customers looking at this section of the market.

“The B-Max is a new model added to the range which suits general duties farming,” he says.

“It is ideal for somebody that’s wanting to do slashing, mulching, rotary hoeing and loader work.

“These tractors are particularly good in steep country because they have a longer wheelbase, with four-wheel diff lock and four-wheel braking.”

The B-Max 110, right, is the larger tractor and has a cabin. Image: Clark Equipment

McCormick’s B-Max is a completely European-built tractor powered by an English-made 4.4L Perkins engine.

Strength and ruggedness are important design characteristics, Knoke says, with the B-Max being physically wider and offering a longer wheelbase than smaller tractors.

“These models are strong and will outlift and outpull those lighter tractors,” Knoke says.

“They are fairly rugged as well, so we also see them as an ideal tractor for a fencing contractor.”

While the tractors are still new to the Australian market, one customer who has already got her hands on a B-Max 85 is Meg Gossert from Fernbank Farm Weddings.

Based on the central coast of New South Wales, Gossert bought the tractor after a recommendation from a “very knowledgeable” friend.

Her early endorsement is nothing but positive for both the tractor itself, and the customer service from Clark Equipment.

“It’s just a very simple, uncomplicated piece of machinery,” Gossert says.

“It’s very easy to get to the grease points and very easy to clean the filters.”

Gossert says she and her family will mostly be using the tractor for general farm work and slashing along their acreage in the Yarramalong Valley.

“The four in one bucket is going to be very handy when we cut trees down to do firewood, lift rocks, clean drains and all the general things you have to do on the farm,” she says.

“It’s just a great machine and Clark Equipment were great as well – they were very attentive, very informative in terms of letting me know what was going on and excellent people to deal with.”

The B-Max 85 provides a ROPS option for buyers. Image: Clark Equipment

Both tractors offer a three-tonne lift capacity, with the option of adding twin assistor rams to push this capacity beyond 4.5 tonnes.

The independent PTO has two speeds, plus Ground Speed PTO as standard.

For operators, a reverse power shuttle control lever and a new dashboard has been introduced for both the B-Max 85 ROPS and B-Max 110 cabin.

Additional improvements inside the B-110 cabin include excellent soundproofing and suspended brake and clutch pedals that reduce the amount of dirt and vibrations entering the cabin.

The 80-110hp tractor segment is a competitive one, even just within Clark Equipment’s range, but Knoke says customers seeking this horsepower should look to the McCormick B-Max 85 and 110.

“We’ve covered this segment to meet the demand for a general duties tractor with strength and stability,” Knoke says.

“For somebody that’s wanting to lift heavy loads or plough a paddock, then the McCormick is going to be the tractor that would be best suited for it.”

The McCormick B-Max 85 and 110 can be viewed online at

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