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Cotton Pro highlights Dieci’s specific designs

The Cotton Pro 70.10 telehandler is another example of Dieci’s commitment to industry-specific solutions for Australian farmers

Dieci’s philosophy has always been to not only provide versatile telehandlers, but also industry-specific models that suit the unique needs of certain operators.

One such example lies in the Italian manufacturer’s Cotton Pro 70.10.

Carrying around large bales of cotton is heavy work and requires a telehandler with grunt, which is why the Cotton Pro has a 7,000kg maximum lift capacity and a 9.65m maximum lifting height.

As a 12-tonne unit, the Cotton Pro not only weighs in heavier than Dieci’s popular all-rounder, the Agri Plus 40.7, but also its other specialised telehandlers such as the Poultry Pro and Piggery Pro.

The Cotton Pro 70.10 also exceeds these units in terms of its reach and capacity as well, showing it can comfortably handle the big jobs required by cotton producers such as combining bales of raw cotton or spearing hay bales.

All Dieci telehandlers are made in the same region of Italy as Ferrari but are also engineered locally to ensure the end product is perfectly suited to Australia’s tough conditions.

One example of an Australian-specific addition on the Cotton Pro is the tropical cooling pack, which is added exclusively to local units in recognition of the extra heat faced Down Under.

This is designed to shield the intercooler from cotton, debris and dust, while heat shields around the exhaust pipes help reduce the risk of overheating.

The engine’s cooling system also utilises a reversible fan to blow any dust and fibres away from the radiator.

The cabin is designed for comfort. Image: Dieci Australia

A 125hp (93kW) FPT Tier 3 engine powers the unit, which has a 130L per minute hydraulic flow rate.

Dieci’s Cotton Pro is available in three steering options including 2WD, 4WD and transversal.

The Cotton Pro’s hydraulically operated telescopic boom is equipped with side-shift that allows the carriage to be shifted from side to side to tightly pack loads.

This means users can move a bale from the front to either the left or right in small increments without needing to move the whole machine.

Such a feature adds versatility and ease to an operator’s day, and Dieci has ensured they can do so while also being comfortable.

An Australian-designed air conditioning system is installed in the third-generation cabin, as are a luxurious air seat, excellent thermal and sound insulation and 360-degree views that boost both safety and convenience.

There is continuous oil function on hydraulic sockets, hydrostatic transmission with variable flow pump, plus a patented compensation cylinder inside the lifting ram to ensure the load on the boom is balanced at all times.

Dieci’s telehandlers – including the Cotton Pro – can be customised with a wide array of attachments such as forks, buckets and clamps to ensure they can perfectly handle whichever tasks a farmer needs done.

“Dieci has dedicated its efforts to ongoing research in cutting-edge technologies within the agricultural, industrial, mining and construction sectors,” Dieci Australia CEO Pat Italiano says.

“The aim is to manufacture fit for purpose telehandlers that are not only innovative but also prioritise the operator’s needs. This commitment to quality is reinforced by delivering exceptional after-sales support and service across the country.”

The Cotton Pro, along with all Dieci telehandlers, can be viewed online at

Important information is easily accessible in the Cotton Pro. Image: Dieci Australia
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