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CST enters Australian truck tyre market

Australia’s tyre market is set to get a new player, with CST about to launch its first truck products locally

Australian agriculture requires many specific tyres – for UTVs and 4WDs to move around the farm, for tractors to do the grunt work, and for trucks to carry and transport the end product.

It is this latter category in which the newest entrant to the local tyre market aims to have an impact.

CST is owned by the Cheng Shin Rubber Group, a company which hovers around the top 10 global manufacturers by sales value and which also owns the Maxxis brand popular with Australian farmers.

“We are excited to launch CST into the Australian market with a range of TBR product,” Australian representative Davvyn Mason says.

“The initial range will be launched with approximately 15 products that are suitable to our market.

“We have another 10 products in final development stages which we expect to be released over the remainder of 2024.

“From there, the range will continue to expand over the next 12 to 24 months to cover the complete requirements of the Australian market.”

CST’s CR600A tyre. Image: CST

Mason, who also represents the Maxxis brand owned by Cheng Shin Rubber Group, believes Australian customers – including the agricultural sector – will benefit from CST’s points of difference.

“The most exciting thing for us is the value the CST range of products represents, especially when considered on a cents per kilometre measure,” he says.

“The product quality is excellent and we are confident that both the research and development and manufacturing processes are not just in line with other brands but will exceed the expectations in the market.”

Just as a ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot be applied to tractor tyres, or even passenger car tyres, CST’s range has been carefully curated to ensure the variety of all truck tyre needs is accounted for.

Some of its models are designed for long distance driving on freeways, while some of its other models are particularly suited to regional roads, along with tyres that are best equipped for the rough road or off-road usage which agriculture demands.

One all-round tyre being brought in by CST is the CR600 in the 295/60R22.5 TL size, which is designed for use on freeways, urban and regional roads.

Four circumferential grooves and central ribs with a fine groove design deliver a comfortable ride and excellent handling stability, the manufacturer says, while a wider tread area and deeper groove design improve tyre life, as does the new curved groove walls to increase stone and debris rejection.

Another model being added is the CR297 in 385/65R22.5 size, which is designed for long distances at higher speeds on good roads.

Four zig-zag circumferential grooves with a strengthened shoulder structure on this tyre deliver excellent stability and smooth handling, the manufacturer says.

Designed to provide outstanding steering stability, comfort and safety for long journeys, its low heat generating compound and special carcass structure delivers extra-long life.

The CST CR170. Image: CST

Two sizes of the CR170 trailer tyre will also be initially brought to Australia – the 215/75R17.5 and 235/75R17.5.

Their wide tread with deep grooves offers an extended lifespan, while a special tyre structure is designed to provide superior durability.

A low flat ratio design makes this tyre ideal for heavy cargo transportation, while the staggered notch design of the groove walls promotes efficient stone and debris ejection.

While CST might be a new player in the Australian market, the fact it has the same parent company as the existing Maxxis brand is advantageous to customers.

This will allow farmers to tap into the knowledge of Australian conditions already available to Maxxis buyers, and ensure the perfect tyre for individual needs is sourced.

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