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Price $25,400 (Exc. GST)
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DTM Beta Speed Disc - Minos Agri
The key to a seedbed finish thats ready for sowing!

Traditional farming methods set Primary and Secondary tillage apart from each other resulting in significant costs in labor and diesel because of unnecessary passes. But not with the DTM Beta Speed Disc. Using its clever design, the geometry of the discs allows for the optimal flow of both soil and stubble resulting in well-mixed loosened soil with a seedbed finish ready for seeding

-Speed Disc for pasture
The DTM Beta Speed Disc is a speed disc tiller designed to work at approximately 12 kph to provide an ideal seedbed for plants, crops, and grass. Additionally, it is an excellent machine for stubble mulching and integration with the soil. This machine can produce results that would require two passes for traditional tilling practices saving you time and money.

-Engineered to loosen soil and integrate stubble
Its main components are two rows of opposite-facing Ø 610 mm disc harrows that boast a highly-aggressive front disc that ensures optimal soil flow and residue flow thru the rear disc for optimum soil conditioning.

-Discs that work as hard as you
Fabricated using, high-quality steel
Notched discs for better soil loosening and mulching action
Disc arrangement ensures stubble and plant residues are thoroughly mixed into the soil.

-Cage roller - for an even seedbed finish
Seedbed finish - ready for sowing
Hydraulic lift - used to elevate or lower the cage roller assembly
for tight turns on headlands
Depth control

-Spring Security
Equipped with Spring dampeners to absorb impact which reduces chassis stress and improves the machine's
durability and life span.
Independent Coil Security is installed 30 cm apart to increase efficiency and operating performance.

Solid, High-Quality Chassis
The central platform is built using high-quality steel plates and Hollow Structural Sections or RHS for added strength and durability.

-Steady, Reliable Operations
The DTM CS Beta is designed to withstand an operating speed of between 12 and 15 Km/h.
Requires 75-85 HP for 2.2-m model and 120-140 HP for 3.7-m model
Equipped with a combination of Dry-lube hubs and Oil-bath hubs for non-stop tilling action
Universal three-point, cat. 2 hitches for better control

Boost your crop yields with the revolutionary DTM Beta Speed Tiller. This advanced agricultural tool guarantees superior soil cultivation, minimizing effort while maximizing results. Say goodbye to inefficient manual labor and hello to increased productivity! Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your farm's future. Take the first step by calling the number in the header now. Unlock the potential of your land and watch your harvest thrive with the DTM Beta Speed Tiller!