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The Deutz-Fahr name has now become synonymous with quality tractors. The company’s roots can be traced back to the late 19th century when a German gentleman named Nikolaus August Otto established the first engine manufacturing company in the world, today known as Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz AG.

In 1894, the first Deutz tractor was born in Philadelphia, USA offering 26hp. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s that Deutz acquired Fahr Ag after years of collaboration and joined forces to form the now famous Deutz-Fahr brand.

Today, the company’s tractor range is recognised as one of the world’s best with several of its models having claimed award after award over the years including Tractor of the Year, Golden Tractor for Design and a German Design Award.

Deutz-Fahr takes pride in utilising the latest technology and infrastructure as well as its powerful, industry leading Deutz engines to put its tractors together.

The brand is distributed in the country by PFG Australia.

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Latest Deutz-Fahr Tractor News

Deutz-Fahr currently carries a total of 35 tractor models offering power from 40hp to 280hp to cater to all sectors of the farming industry. Whether you do broadacre cropping or run a dairy farm, there is a Deutz-Fahr tractor to suit your needs.

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Deutz Launch Cap

VIDEO: PFG debuts new Deutz-Fahr tractors


Power Farming Group (PFG) Australia has officially launched its newest offering to the nation the Deutz-Fahr 5, 6 and 7 series tractors. Tom Dickson was there for NFM.

DF 7250 Agrotron Ararat Auto Wimmera 2014

VIDEO: Ararat Auto and Ag Services displays 2013 Tractor of the Year at Wimmera


Ararat Auto and Ag Servicess’ stand at the 2014 Wimmera Field Days attracted quite a bit of attention with its highlight display: the Deutz-Fahr 7250 TTV Agrotron which won 2013’s Tractor of the Year award.

DF_7250_test _drive

VIDEO: Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 7250 TTV tractor walk-through


Take a closer look at the Tractor of the Year 2013.

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Deutz-Fahr Tractor Reviews

Here at, we have a dedicated team of machinery experts to test out the latest tractors and farm machinery on the market.

These tractors include several Deutz-Fahr models that are currently available in Australia.  

In this section, you can find our experts’ honest and unbiased reviews on the latest Deutz-Fahr tractors.

REVIEW: Deutz-Fahr 5130 TTV tractor 


Aussie dealers are licking their wounds as sales figures show New Zealand has taken an early three to nil lead in the race to start selling the new Deutz-Fahr 5130 TTV tractor. 

Deutz -Fahr Video Capt

Top Tractor Shoot Out 2014:

Deutz-Fahr Agrotron K420 – Winner of Best Loader Visibility


We couldn’t get our hands on Deutz-Fahr’s newest 5 series tractor for the Top Tractor Shoot Out but the compact Agrotron K420 did a fine job impressing the judges. Mark Fouhy reports.

 1964-Deutz -Fahr -Agrotron -K420-preview

Review: Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 620 TTV tractor 


When Deutz-Fahr designed a tractor with advanced technology, common-sense simplicity and an engine that could function on 100 percent biofuel, they set a new standard for an increasingly environmentally- and cost-conscience farming sector. Tom Dickson reports.

 Deutz -Fahr Agrotron 620 TTV

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