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Dieci looks to expand national dealer network

Following on from a milestone year, Dieci Australia has turned its attention to expanding its national dealer network while running a special promotion on a popular item

If 2023 was about acknowledging and celebrating its quarter-century in the country, 2024 is all about expansion and continuing the growth trajectory for Dieci Australia.

As more and more Australian farmers embrace the value of telehandlers, Dieci is looking to not only grow its customer base but also its dealer network around the nation.

Dieci Australia, which specialises in quality, Italian-made telehandlers, already has a strong national presence, spearheaded by its new headquarters in Sydney – a building which only opened last year.

Dieci’s new premises in Sydney. Image: Dieci Australia

The company is an Australian privately owned and operated organisation which has sales and service branches in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne, plus a national dealer network to support farmers.

Dieci has highlighted several regions in which dealership opportunities are available and which the company is actively looking to fill.

There are three opportunities in Queensland – specifically Cairns, Rockhampton and Mackay – along with the New South Wales town of Griffith and Victoria’s Gippsland region.

CEO Pat Italiano says there are several benefits to becoming a Dieci Australia dealer and working with the company’s telehandlers.

“The telehandler stands out as a distinctive product, offering exclusive opportunities – especially around parts and service with the regulated requirements in line with Australian standards that keeps you in touch with the customer,” he says.

“There is no better time than now for telehandlers – this unique product is coming into its own in agriculture as a highly productive workhorse that offers far more versatility and performance than a tractor, loader or skid steer can do alone.

“We have a great relationship with the factory and this is really important for our dealers because it means they will work with us to deliver to your customers.”

This highlights one crucial element of the sales and service chain – the link between the Australian head office and the Italian factory.

For any individual dealer, their relationship with the company’s head office also forms a significant part of the overall experience.

One of Dieci Australia’s existing dealers is Farm & Diesel, which operates across three locations in northern Victoria.

Farm & Diesel founder and managing director Sam Walker says the partnership, which has been in existence for almost a decade, has been enhanced by a strong relationship with Dieci’s head office.

“Dieci Australia is very easy to get along with,” Walker says.

“They’ve made some good changes that will support the product more in Australia with parts, setting up nationwide outlets in the major cities.

“I think all of that will help the end user and give them greater support, and us as dealers as well.”

Quality build

The other obvious element of the dealer experience is in the quality of products they sell and their ability to provide customers with a reliable machine that will do the job.

All Dieci’s telehandlers are manufactured in the same region of northern Italy as Ferrari and Maserati, including the ever-popular Agri Plus 40.7.

Dieci’s Agri Plus 40.7 telehandler. Image: Dieci Australia

While the Agri Plus 40.7 has already become the most popular among Dieci Australia’s agricultural customers, the company is looking to make it even more attractive to buyers.

From February, Dieci Australia is running a promotion on the Agri Plus 40.7 Standard and Quick Hitch models.

To learn more about Dieci’s Agri Plus 40.7 telehandler promotion, contact Dieci Australia directly.

The specifications give a good insight into the Agri Plus 40.7’s power and capability – 125hp, 7.06m maximum reach, and 4,000kg maximum lift capacity.

These raw numbers only tell part of the story though, as Farms & Farm Machinery’s independent review of the telehandler found last year.

It was described as “Italian flair mixed with a workhorse-like operating system designed for ease of use, comfort and serious engineering.”

Its 146-degree dumping rotation was also highlighted, which has been specifically designed to increase the operating angle and is particularly useful when dumping with the boom raised.

Another standout feature – and one which is patented by Dieci – is the Single Compensation Cylinder.

The telescopic boom – which itself is made from high-resistance steel – is supported by this cylinder.

Located inside the lifting ram, it helps to ensure the load on the boom is always balanced.

The entirely electronically controlled, ecological and high-performance FPT engine, combined with the Evo2 transmission, transmits all the required power with reduced consumption.

The Agri Plus’ transmission is a torque converter with Power Shift Evo2 shuttle with electric control, including inching with its electronic pedal for controlled forward movement.

The gearbox offers six forward gears and three reverse gears with electronic control and a kick down button for when additional power is needed.

Manoeuvrability and compactness are also impressive features and the Agri Plus 40.7’s turning radius is one of the narrowest in its category.

Inside the cabin, large and curved windows offer a complete 360-degree outside view with uninterrupted visibility, while integrated LED work lights allow better visibility at night.

Soundproofing, adjustable steering wheel height and depth, electric windows and storage compartments, along with six air conditioning vents and an ergonomic seat, are just a few of the other standard features inside the cabin.

For more information on the Agri Plus 40.7 promotion, or the range of dealership opportunities available, contact Dieci Australia on 1300 888 479 or visit

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