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Cervus equipment celebrated 100 years of John Deere tractors by hosting a tractor training day.

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The day consisted of John Deere 5R, 6M/6R 7R and 8R tractor test drives, the latest technology information sessions and servicing questions.

Besides the giant John Deere green cake, the star of the show was the 100 year Waterloo Boy tractor on display. Don’t get me wrong, the R series tractors are impressive to drive but you can’t beat a 1918 Waterloo.

Purchased by machinery enthusiast John Kirkpatrick four years ago, the 100 year old Waterloo Boy is a part of Kirkpatrick’s extensive collection of antique machinery.

Kirkpatrick’s Waterloo Boy rolled off the production line very soon after John Deere bought the factory in 1918, in a time when farmers were transitioning from horses to tractors.

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"This particular tractor was put on a train on the 2nd of April 1918, headed to Winnipeg Canada where it commenced its career on a farm," he says.

"It returned to the USA sometime later to be restored – to which I then purchased around four years ago.

"It’s now on display with my antique machinery at the Lake Goldsmith steam rally west of Ballarat," he says.

The Lake Goldsmith steam rally is held every six months, the first weekend of May (this year is the 5th and 6th of May) and the first weekend of November.

"I’ve always had a soft spot for Waterloo Boy tractors," Kirkpatrick says. "So I decided it would make a good birthday present," Kirkpatrick jokes.

The Waterloo Boy packs two-cylinder engine, a whopping 12hp at the draw bar and runs off kerosene – Kirkpatrick admits he doesn’t drive it very often but thanks the seat for comfort.

"It’s (the Waterloo Boy) right up there with my favourites," Kirkpatrick says.

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