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By: Harrison Hunkin

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All the best machines from this years Sungold Field Days 2019

Sungold field days 2019
A brief moment of blue sky

It may be summer, yet I was the only idiot not wearing a jumper at this year’s Sungold Field Days in Warnambool.

Silly me, I should have known that Victorian weather can change in a heartbeat – yet, I found myself boarding the plane from Brisbane in shorts and a T shirt.

Much to my surprise on arrival, some sort of artic winter and rain had covered Warrnambool and the coast. None the less, I had fun wandering the lanes of the western districts premier field day.

So here are some standout machines from Sungold Field Days.

Claas Arion 660

The latest tractor series from Claas, the Arion 600 series,  made its Down Under (public) debut at the Sungold Field Days, and for a good reason. The Western Districts is one of the most popular areas in the country for Claas tractors due to the dairy heavy industry in the area.

The New Claas Arion 660 tractor side on
The Claas Arion 660 is quite the looker

Spec-wise, the Arion 660 on show is kitted out with a 205hp (151kW) Tier 4 DPS engine and all the bells and whistles you could ask for. None more impressive than the new CEBIS cabin with the CMOTION multifunction control lever.

Like always, Claas offers a fantasc cabin that is spacious, comfortable and pletty of super tech. ButIf you’re a bit daunted by all the buttons and fancy armrests, Claas do offer two other cabin variants – the CIS+ cabin option which Claas call "backpacker ready" due to its simplicity to use, and the basic CIS option.

I was also lucky enough the day before the Field Day to get behind the wheel of the new Arion 660 and 610. But, more on this later. Stay tuned for the test drive feature.

Impact Quadtruck

Now, this little thing caught my eye.

The photo won’t do it justice, but this thing is tiny – yet has huge ambitions.

It’s called an Impact Quadtruck and essentially it’s a Daihatsu mini truck. However, a Kiwi company, Impact Off-road, have modified these little trucks to appeal to farmers looking for an alternative to utvs and atvs.

"I spotted this little Daihatsu Hijet and then noticed it was 4WD I thought it would be perfect for the kids to learn to drive in" the company says. More awesomely, this tiny thing has a five-speed manual gearbox and a top speed of around 70-odd km/h," the company says on their website.

With safety concerns rife around the UTV and ATV markets, Australian dealer Swayn & McCabe says that with over 4000 sales back in NZ, not one has recorded a fatality.

Other specs include a 660cc three cylinder engine, SRS airbag, power steering as well as a generous 500kg payload. All of this in a little truck that weighs in at 810kg.

We want to get behind the wheel of one!

Impact Off-road, have modified these little trucks to appeal to farmers looking for an alternative to utvs and atvs
Impact Off-road, have modified these little trucks to appeal to farmers looking for an alternative to utvs and atvs

Vaderstad Rapid RDAA600s

Up next is the Vaderstad Rapid RDA600S disc seeder and boy is it impressive.

This hulking red piece of seeding equipment is a serious bit of gear. The Rapid is available in 3m, 4m, 6m and 8m machine variants. Generally the kind of guys that are buying these Vaderstad rapids are your high end contractors but Vaderstad says there are increasingly seeing large scale farmers getting their hands on them to sow pastures or cereal crops.

Due to the many size variants Vaderstad are able to offer the flexibility to appeal to a range of customers. "They are a pricey machine, however they are the cream of the crop," a Vaderstad sale rep told me.

They’re also tough. Made with solid Swedish steel, Vaderstad push these machines to their absolute max, putting the Rapid through its paces through testing quarries, challenging the machines durability on unforgiving terrain.

This model we inspected had a split bin for fertiliser and seed but you do get the factory option of just a standard seed bin.

Vaderstad Rapid A 600s
This Vaderstad Rapid RDA600Sis a serious bit of gear

Amazone Cayros Plough

Amazone were excited to show us around their latest Cayros plough. In fact, the Cayros on display was only the second one in Australia.

The new Cayros range comes in four different body models the Cayros M, XM, XMS, XS and XS Pro (try saying that quickly).

The Cayros M, XM, XMS, XS and XS pro mounted reversible ploughs are available in 2 to 6 furrows for tractors from 50 to 380hp.

Interested farmers might want to know that the Cayros ploughs feature, as standard, a stone safety device with shear bolts, as well as a mechanical furrow width adjustment in four steps.

The Cayros plough
Only the second Cayros plough in the country

Amazone product manager Craig Hopkins says "contractors, dairy farmers, anyone that does a bit of veggie work" are the type of buyers suited for the Cayros plough range.

"We’ve had this one running down in Gippsland and have had so really good results from it," Hopkins says. "The farmer only had it on a 160hp tractor – so the Cayros is pretty easy to pull."

Like many brands, the Amazone is using plastic board on the Cayros for easier sliding of the soil, nothing worse than soil clumping up on the plough boards.

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