The best of Agritechnica 2019

By: Harrison Hunkin & Jaiden Drought

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Here are the best machines we saw from Agritechnica 2019

The exciting Fendt e100
The crowds at Agritechnica were huge!

If you’re a farm machinery enthusiast, you’re reading the right article. If you love to see the latest and greatest machines from around the world then you’re also reading the right article.

Because we’ve just experienced Agritechnica 2019 - the best farm machinery event in the WORLD, period. And here are some of the best and latest machines on offer.

The Fendt e100 on display at Agritechnica
Will we see more manufacturers releasing electric tractors?

Fendt e100

Now, this isn’t the biggest Fendt you’ve ever seen, but the gorgeous looking new e100 gets kudos for being innovative. 

Very close to mainstream production, the Fendt e100 is the German manufacturers first 100 per cent electric driven tractor.

The e100 is powered by a 650-volt high capacity lithium-ion battery. The tractor has an operation time of 5 hours, but more impressively it will reach 80 per cent charge in just 40 minutes.

Small in stature, Fendt see the e100 being used by city councils for an array of uses such as street sweeping and park cleaning, but also as a utility rig on small farms. (Fendt, give us a go).

We certainly are not saying this is going to be on your farm anytime soon, but it's certainly a look into the future of tractors. 


The new John Deere 8RX on display at Agritechnica
The new 8RX drew in plenty of people

John Deere 8RX

Creating headlines around the world when it was unveiled, the John Deere 8RX was certainly one of the most anticipated tractors leading into Agritechnica 2019.

And it didn’t disappoint! It is simply stunning and impressive all at once. The redesigned bonnet and cab roofline will polarise a few Deere fans, but I think the update was needed and refreshing.

However, the new design falls second as everyone's eyes were glued to the new track system that was fitted to all four-wheel hubs as opposed to the traditional two-track systems.


The Lemkin Nova 14 is stunning
Will the Lemken Nova 14 make its way to Oz?

Lemken Nova 14 sprayer

We’ve got another newcomer to the self-propelled sprayer market, the Lemken Nova 14. Not known traditionally for its sprayer division, Lemken has proven to be a major player in the European sector as-of-late.

So, this is the German company’s attempt to crack the self-propelled market, and we were blown away. With a 7200L tank capacity and a 39m boom, the Nova14 has the firepower to go toe to toe with the big boys.

The cabin is the standout - we can’t emphasise enough how impressed we were with it. It was well finished, with a smart, logical layout and a very well made hand controller and visually appealing display.

And to think this has come from a company’s first crack at a self-propelled is the really impressive part. Would love to see this on Aussie soils.


The Vicon FastBale
We love this thing!

Vicon fast bale

It’s the only non-stop fixed chamber baler wrapper on the market, and it drew quite the crowd. It’s the Vicon FastBale.

If you haven’t seen it before then you’re missing out, it’s been lapping up awards for years and to put it simply it basically continuously produces and wraps round bales without the need to stop.

When you break it down, you can see why it is a game-changer. It has two chambers, the first fills to two-thirds capacity then ejects the partially completed bale into the second chamber.

From there the bale is finished and net wrapped before being ejected onto the wrapping table connected at the rear. All while a new bale is being formed in the first chamber and the tractor is still moving forward.

Vicon claims that non-stop baling saves between 15 and 18 seconds for every bale made.

Pretty impressive!


Syntrac tractor at Agritechnica
This is a quick machine!


This is the SynTrac. A tractor, but not as we know it - we think we’ll label it something along the lines of a ‘multi-purpose tool carrier’.

The Syntrac tractor has proved its worth in Europe as a capable piece of kit - it’s commonly used for pulling trailers in forests, crane work as well as normal farm applications such as mower work.

It’s powered by Tier 5, 420hp Cat engine. Transmission-wise it offers a two-speed hydrostatic transmission capable of hitting 80km/h… yes, you read that correctly, 80 clicks.

These impressive specifications, coupled with its unique cabin design makes the Syntrac attractive for business and contractors looking to get the edge with their machine.

Just on the cabin, it has a reverse drive option, air-suspended seat and a three-way adjustable steering column. 


The Farein electric 6.26 telehandler
Quiet as a mouse

Faresin 6.26 Full Electric

Electric machinery is all the rage currently, and the technology’s slowly but surely trickling into the ag market. On display at its Agritechnica stand was the ‘Faresin 6.26 Full Electric’ telehandler.

Based upon the classic Faresin 6.26, the new Full Electric model is quite striking in its white colour scheme and features a 2000kg max capacity and a 5.9m reach. Its power source is a 15 kW electric lithium battery which has a 6-hour life.

Faresin says it’s been working on the 6.26 Full Electric tele for years.

It’s hard to say just yet, but manufacturers are claiming that these new electric motors are more convenient and are less of a headache when it comes to maintenance, all we can say is its a hell of a lot quieter than diesel teles.


The methane powered New Holland tractor
Are methane tractors like this T6 New Holland the way of the future?

New Holland Methane Power Tractor

We’ve written quite a bit about the New Holland Methane powered concept tractor over the years. An impressive concept machine that tested the boundaries on alternative fuelled vehicles.

On day one of Agritechnica, it took out the new Sustainable Tractor of the Year award, however, the most impressive feat is it is now set for full-scale production.

On display at Agritechnica was the upcoming New Holland T6 Methane tractor which spawned from the original concept.

The benefits of the methane tractor over electric machines is that it has a longer run time (seven hours) and only takes five minutes to refuel. To put into perspective, the electric Fendt e100, which is a considerably smaller tractor, takes 40 minutes to reach just 80 per cent battery charge.

It essentially is a traditional tractor as we know it, but instead, it is using an alternative fuel source.

To refuel it costs half the price of diesel, the only snag is the fuelling stations required cost up to 60,000 pounds. However, as the tech becomes more ‘mainstream’ you could expect these prices to drop (fingers crossed again).


The Claas Axion 960 TT is stunning
Good rig

Claas Axion 960 TerraTrac

While half-track systems have been around for a while, Claas has the very impressive TerraTrac, a fully suspended crawler track system.

Fitted to its beastly Axion 960 tractor, the Class TerraTrac system not only has the ability to make your tractor stand out but also the ability to improve traction as well as reducing soil compaction.

You will not find this TerraTrac system on any other Class tractors as of yet, with the German manufacturer keeping tight-lipped on the possibility - however, the TerraTrac system has been successful on the Class Jaguar and Class Lexion harvesters.

A machine that has certainly intrigued us!

We hope you enjoyed some of our standouts from Agritechnica 2019.

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