2021 FarmFest Field Day Review

By: Anthony Wingard

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FarmFest returned in 2021 with over 20,000 people visiting Toowoomba on the first day alone. With so much to offer, we checked out the best of FarmFest.

FarmFest 2021 photo gallery

This week ushered the return of FarmFest – one of the country’s biggest field days of the year – in Toowoomba, with sizeable crowds on hand to enjoy the latest and best the agricultural sector has to offer.

Anthony Wingard was on hand to check out the best new machinery at the show:

CaseIH Farmall M

The new Case IH Farmall M has taken some of the best features from the Farmall U and Farmall JX

Case IH debuted their new compact tractor – the Farmall M – which combines many of the features from the Farmall U, such as the transmission, brakes, hydraulics and Electronic Draft Control (EDC) and the Farmall JX’s front axle design and superior engine.

The Farmall M is available in both 90 and 110 horsepower models and also comes with Case IH’s new ActiveDrive 4 automatic transmission which replaces the clutch with buttons to improve gear changing. ActiveDrive 4 covers a range of speeds, from 0.28km/ to 40km/h and features 32 forward and 32 reverse gear options.

Manufactured in the brand’s Turkish factory, the Farmall M includes a redesigned cab, similar to the JX model but a more ergonomic interior and a repositioned air-conditioning unit to make the cab even more spacious for the operator.

Case IH says the tractor is ideal for cattle and dairy operations but their versatility means they can undertake a wide range of tasks.

1956 Cockshutt 50 Deluxe

This 1956 Cockshutt 50 Deluxe were among the first tractors to feature a live PTO

Built in the 50s out of Ontario, Canada, this Cockshutt 50 has been restored with a new paint job and decals to mirror the same 50 D models on its day.

With a six-cylinder diesel Buda engine under the hood, the Cockshutt produces 50 horsepower and with 34-inch wheels, is quite large for its time.

A true marvel of its time, this model was one of the first tractors from its day to have a live PTO not connected to the engine, meaning operators can engage the PTO without stopping the machine.

The model 50 was also the last of the Cockshutt branded tractors, before they began rebranding them as ‘Blackhawk’ models to promote the acquisition of Ohio Cultivator Company from 1956 onward.

Nowadays, this Cockshutt 50 D is in the safe possession of John from the Toowoomba and District Old Machinery society where it finds its place in his collection of over 50 tractors.

Deutz-Fahr Warrior Range

Deutz-Farh's new Warrior range of tractors are ideal for small farming oprations

Deutz-Fahr’s new range of Warrior branded tractors has touched down in Australia with the six-cylinder machines ideal for farming in Australian conditions.

The warrior range spans across seven different models of Deutz-Fahr tractors, with the horsepower options ranging from as low as 171hp up to 336hp.

Among the warrior range are the 6165 and 6215 which feature RC-shift transmission – essentially making the models run as a fully automatic tractor with the option to also run as a manual with 54 forward and 27 reverse gears.

The 6165 and 6125, along with the larger 7250, 8280 and 9340 models also offer an alternative Tractor Transmission Variable (TTV) across the warrior range which uses only 80 per cent of mechanical components in the field.

Deutz-Fahr’s warrior range is ideal for small farming operations including grazers and dairy ventures.

1980s Fiat 955 Crawler Tractor

Built in the hills of Italy, this 1980s Fiat still features many of its original components

This Fiat 955 still boasts most of its original components from its heyday in the 80s, with the engine, gearbox, tracks and paint all in original condition.

The 90 horsepower machine is one of the only crawler tractors from its time with three-point linkage PTO while the five-cylinder engine has also proved quite fuel efficient over the years.

Developed and manufactured in the hills of northern Italy, the 955 thrives in hilly conditions where its tracks and versatility make it ideal for clearing wood and weeds in thick hill areas however it has still proven its worth in row-cropping functions as well.

Most 955's can also be fitted with a blade at the front, including most others still in operation around Australia, where they can be used for small, nimble bulldozing operations.

Fendt 716

This Fendt 716 wowed the masses at FarmFest with its refined and spacious interior

Fendt’s latest 716 tractor offers operators a much more refined cabin experience as one of thanks to the new FendtOne technology system.

The new ergonomic armrest and hand controller for operation are big features of the 716 while a number of display screens and tablets, utilising the FendtOne technology, offer operators the best in data.

A ten inch dashboard, 12-inch terminal and 12-inch roof terminal display provide ample space to display information and data while the 3L joystick and multifunctional joystick makes operating the 716 a relaxing, flexible experience.

Both joysticks have freely assignable buttons, offering the driver even more flexibility while the 3L joystick, with Fendt’s front loader which has a third valve, means three functions can be undertaken at once.

New Holland T8 350 Genesis

The T8 350 Genesis is one of the world's most powerful conventional tractors

The big boy of New Holland’s tractor range, the T8 350 Genesis is among the world’s most powerful conventional tractors.

The T8 350 Genesis encompasses the power of 350 horsepower but is efficient enough to meet Tier 4B emissions standards.

To make life just a bit easier for operators, the New Holland designers made the tractor more visually appealing with small tweaks, such as the display screen moving places to sit on the steering column.

New Holland’s SideWinder II armrest was also on show – another fresh design that makes operating the T8 350 genesis comfortable and intuitive to operate, with all key functions places strategically so they can be operated using just the fingertips.

Massey Ferguson S 5710

Massey Ferguson has designed the S 5710 to increase visibility for the operator

Increased visibility from inside the cab has been the biggest focus for the designers of Massey Ferguson’s S 5710 tractor, with wide glass doors and curved quarter windows offering the best visibility in the field.

The sloped hood on the S 5710 is also a distinguishing feature, giving drivers even more vision inside the cab when manoeuvring around the field.

At 105 horsepower, the S 5710 gets around thanks to a 4.4-litre four-cylinder AGCO engine which comply with Stage V emissions standards.

Massey Ferguson’s impressive Dyna-4 transmission – a 16 forward and 16 reverse transmission which offers simple and convenient control – is optional on the S 5710, while the operation of gears can be changed either by the T-bar on the right or the left-handed Power Control Lever.


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