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Faresin mixers fit for all feed purposes

Faresin’s Precision Feeding (PF) line of trailed mixer wagons allows operators to quickly create uniform rations for a variety of recipes and efficiently discharge.

Experts agree it is critical to provide livestock with the correct balance of nutrients, and the specific type of feed being prepared should be considered when choosing a feed mixer.

Faresin’s PF line of mixers offers a two-speed gearbox, which allows a fast or slow ration mixing.

The conical mixing tub and internal geometry ensure a constant flow of product, while consistently mixing a multi-products ration.

Optional extras are also available, and the first of these is a side hopper that allows trace element introduction into the mix at ground level.

Another optional extra on Faresin feed mixers is NIR (near infrared), which allows an analysis in real time of all raw and rationed materials to ensure the ration provides optimisation of material and time for animal welfare.

There is also a long-life option which adds a stainless steel internal mixing chamber floor and auger to further increase the durability of specific parts of the mixer that are commonly at an increased risk of wear.

All PF trailed mixers have a front-mounted cross conveyer discharge with a honeycomb belt conveyer which allows for feeding to occur either on the left or the right-hand side of the machine.

A 1.25m elevator is fitted to the right hand side for a SPEC 1 version, while the SPEC 2 version has a 3.2m elevator in addition to the smaller elevator on the SPEC 1.

The PF 1.11 trailed mixer is a compact option measuring 5.44m in length, 1.3m in width and 2.765m in height while still offering a capacity of 11 cubic metres.

It is designed for rations rich in silage with four load cells that provide precise weighing in all conditions.

The PF 2.14, PF 2.16, PF 2.20B and PF 2.24 are mid-sized models with capacities of 14, 16, 20 and 24 cubic metres to accommodate farms of all sizes.

Faresin says choosing the right feed mixer for your livestock and their specific rations will optimise the effectiveness of the feed, improve herd health and reduce feed wastage

For assistance in choosing the ideal mixer for your needs, please call Ahern Australia at 1300 103 040 or visit

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