FEATURED: Dingo and the new fencing machine

By: Col Jackson, Photography by: Col Jackson

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A mindset of necessity led farmer Gary Briggs to invent a totally new concept for fencing. The ingenuity is in its simplicity with a two-man research and development team thinking as one, Col Jackson writes .

FEATURED: Dingo and the new fencing machine
Dingo Australia founder Gary Briggs and his R&D partner Peter Kruger standing next to the revolutionary fencing machine.

Gary Briggs is one of those blokes who, if he says he is going to do something, then consider it done.

His creations are not only part of everyday working life, they fill a void in the specialist market demanding solid, high quality, hard working equipment that won’t fall apart as soon as the heavy work happens.

Equally, women can be seen operating his equipment as they landscape acreages in both city and rural areas.

With his latest invention, a couple of blokes with a small back-up team can operate all the equipment.

As he shows me through his sprawling complex of buildings housing various manufacturing processes, Briggs acknowledges his Dingo Australia enterprise is one of the last of the genuine tractor manufacturers in Australia.

"Dingo is the only machine in the world everybody can see a use for in their personal lives — even grandmother," he says.

His enquiring mind and intrinsic inventiveness has brought the company a long way. The top-of-the-range Dingo Contractor model now boasts 27hp (19.9kW) and is a "hydraulic power plant on wheels".

And then there is Brigg’s new invention, the fencing machine which lays an electric fence at a rapid rate, tensioning on the run.

The entire set-up consists of a six-wheeler to tow the rig carrying the wire, posts, Dingo with post driver, tools and equipment. Hitched to the rear is a GPS-controlled auto steer utility task vehicle (UTV); this is the ‘gofer’ vehicle.

The machine can lay 60 posts over 1.5km every hour.

Gary Briggs says an efficient fencing contractor and offsider (perhaps his wife) could make a good living out of such a set-up.

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