Video: Hornet-killing drone

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A drone which can locate and destroy hornet and wasp nests has been developed by an eradication expert and French Drone manufacturer Drone Volt.

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The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is being used in France primarily against Asian hornet nests, with precise pesticide spray technology ensuring the least possible harm is done to the environment.

Asian Hornet venom has a class two toxicity level, and the pests are a major problem in France.

They are a threat to the ecosystem, because they devour many insects including bees, which are essential in their role as pollinators.

Faced with the continuing invasion and spreading of the species LGF France beekeeper and eradication expert Etienne Roumailhac teamed up with Drone Volt to create the drone.

Roumailhac has long sought an alternative to the traditional methods of dealing with the Asian hornet, with as little negative environmental impact and with products that have no sulfur.


Rapidly and safely deployed

Removing hornets’ nests often requires the eradicator to employ ladders, hydraulic platforms, booms and other tools to elevate themselves, sometimes to heights exceeding 30m.

This is time consuming, expensive and often dangerous, so the drone allows the operator to apply a lethal dose of spray to the nest while on the ground and standing at a very safe distance, eliminating the risk of attack by hornets defending their nest.

The drone is equipped with a tilting aerosol jet that allows the user to aim the spray at the central part of the nest where the insects are located.

The integrated HD camera provides the operator with a quick visual reference in approaching the nest.


Technical characteristics

  • Drone quadcopter
  • Comes equipped with a parachute
  • 3150g empty weight (including battery and parachute)
  • Payload capacity: up to 750ml aerosol can
  • Preparation time: less than 10 minutes
  • Tilting aerosol jet for better targeting
  • Real time HD video with integrated camera
  • Battery life: 9 to 18 minutes depending on the number of batteries
  • Coming soon: Guidance module for obstacle detection



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