Video: Woody's first crack at tractor pulling

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The Diesel and Dirt Derby in Keith, South Australia is a wholesale celebration of horsepower and dust-laden farm-fuelled hoonery, so what better place for our intrepid reviewer MATT WOOD to have a go at tractor pulling?

The Team Outlaw crew of Kelvin ‘Jobbo’ Jobling, Bob Kinnersley and Kenny Patterson kindly — and possibly rashly — put Woody in the seat of 'Hopeful', a tractor in the Super Mini class, otherwise known as the Fat Man’s class. Apparently fat drivers fit into this weight category just nicely.

"The idea is to drag a weighted sled 100m down the dirt track," Woody says. "The further you go, the more resistance in the sled. If you crack the 100m mark it's called a Full Pull."

Did he make it? Did his dacks survive the event? Watch the video and find out!


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