Product Focus: Agrison 80hp CDF Cabin Tractor

By: Andrew Britten, Photography by: Andrew Britten

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The new Agrison 80hp CDF Cabin Tractor is a multi-purpose, mid-size tractor that keeps things simple and affordable, whilst backed up with big brand know-how. Andrew Britten reports

The Agrison 80hp CDF front on
No frills here - just a radio reciever, pluss all the guages and lights you need
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If you’re one of those whose ears prick up when they hear the going prices of new Asian tractors – especially the models coming out of China – but then cooler heads prevail, here’s a contender that will linger in the mind a whole lot longer.

The major reason being, it’s made by a well-known European brand that has been manufacturing in China for the last six or seven years. So you can expect the chassis and running gear to be well sorted and up to the task.

Then there’s the buyer backlash against the ever growing dependence on electronics and computer control. It’s another area where this Agrison 80hp CDF Cabin Tractor appeals, as it completely avoids going down that path.

It offers an entirely mechanical (and hydraulic), yet comprehensive, system. From the naturally aspirated 5.2 litre, 59kW/380Nm four-cylinder diesel engine, through the manual gearbox (four-speed with a reduction box and crawler range, for 12 forward ratios and eight reverse) and 540/1000rpm PTO, you won’t find a single electronic intervention or control device.

The tinted glass cabin offers plenty of space with inbuilt air-conditioning and heating, and a radio receiver – the single concession to electronics. Once again there’s nothing fancy here, just a well laid out control system, with power steering and dual articulated arm rests for the operator’s seat. The dash layout reflects this overall simplicity, but with all essential gauges and warning lights.

Controls for the price-inclusive four-in-one bucket, category II linkage and hand operated PTO clutch, fall readily to hand in an uncluttered arrangement. The bucket has a quick release/attachment system for single person operation, so swapping to the likes of a bale grabber or hay forks becomes perfectly practical.

The 1000kg lift linkage can also be controlled from outside when hooking up implements and includes twin rams for two-way operation, enabling the operator to put downward pressure on implements, as when post hole digging, for instance. And with more than 46kW output from the PTO shaft you are unlikely to fall short on power for driven attachments.

The hydraulics are run from a dedicated pump separate from the power steering and deliver 200 bar pressure for the bucket, linkage and two sets of rear remotes. The power steering pump itself is rated at 100 bar.

The bonnet pops up easily for daily inspection
The bonnet pops up easily for daily inspection

Nice practical touches include an external battery isolator, exterior cabin lights, 150 litre fuel tank, five-year parts warranty, a tow bar and compliance for road registration. An added incentive is the inclusion of a six-foot rear linkage slasher.

Another potential annoyance with modern tractors is the use of plastics in place of sheet metal. You’ll go a long way before you find any here, with the mudguards, bonnet and grill assembly stamped from the real deal.

Accessibility for servicing is very good for a front-end loader tractor. The added frame doesn’t really get in the way, especially with the bucket raised and locked in position. Daily inspections are easily done with a lift of the bonnet for an oil level check/top up and radiator look over or clean, plus the oil bath air cleaner is handily located externally near the left cabin steps.

Applications are pretty wide for this machine. It’s compact enough for day to day jobs – trailer towing for feeding out, fencing applications, slashing jobs, moving soil or grain with the front bucket and with 80hp, four wheel drive and good PTO power there are plenty of small to mid-sized implements you could utilise. Just leave the broad acre work to the beefier machines.

Agrison is a Melbourne-based, family-owned, Australian company that prides itself in the quality of their products. This tractor is made up from components that stand up to Australian conditions and expectations. So, if you’re looking for a low-tech, fully equipped mid-size cabin tractor, at $37,990 we reckon this is well worth checking out. And while we can’t reveal the manufacturer’s name, it’ll take you all of three seconds to spot that when you take a look.

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