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By: Harrison Hunkin

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Italy’s EIMA exhibition is one of the biggest agriculture events in the world with over 300,000 visitors and 1,950 exhibiting industries. Our man Harrison Hunkin was there to soak it all in

The strong crowd of EIMA 2018
the 43rd International Exposition of Machinery for Agriculture and Gardening (EIMA) conference was one for the record books

Held in Bologna, Italy last month, the 43rd International Exposition of Machinery for Agriculture and Gardening (EIMA) exhibition broke its previous visitor records by an impressive 11 per cent, with 50,000 foreign operators joining the crowds from 150 different countries.  

With the exhibition covering everything from irrigation machinery to planters and harvesters, I decided to do the rounds of this enormous agriculture extravaganza and cherry pick the machines that caught my eye. And trust me, it wasn’t easy – EIMA is huge, my GPS clocked me at over 20km in two days.

The Lamborghini Spark 130 VRT on display
The Stunning Lamborghini Spark 130 VRT

Lamborghini Spark 130 VRT 

When in Italy, it would be rude not to experience the most Italian thing in the world… and I’m not talking pasta, I’m talking about a Lambo.

At first glance, I thought it was a white Deutz-Fahr, until I remembered it pretty much is. If you’re unaware, Lamborghini tractors are owned by the SDF group (SAME Deutz-Fahr), the agricultural machinery giant that does own Deutz-Fahr tractors – hence why the two look very similar.

While it mightn’t be a Murcielago, this white knight is still as impressive and stylish.

It features a four-cylinder, 3.8-litre FARMotion Stage IV engine that pushes a maximum 126hp (94kW), a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a new cab design.

A top speed of 50km/h isn’t anywhere near the capabilities of its supercar cousin, but does the Murcielago have a seven-tonne lift capacity or three speed power take-off? Yeah, that’s right. I know which one I’d prefer...

The McCormick X8 on display at EIMA 2018
The Italian beast

McCormick X8.650

Australia is yet to get this beast, but when it does I’m sure customers will enjoy it.

Since its debut a few years ago, the McCormick X8 has seen very positive reviews from European farmers for its ruggedness and comfort.

It’s also been put through its paces in a grueling trial across South Africa.

Following the success of the XTractor Mission (taking the X7 around Australia), McCormick set its X8 range a task just as difficult: using eight drivers to cover 6,000km over 49 days, all in the name of "exploring the role of technology in agriculture".

They also found that their 310hp (231kW) Italian stallion can handle tough conditions.

The one on display here is one of the machines that slogged it out over it Africa, and after sitting in it and having a look around, I really can’t wait for one to arrive Down Under. 

How cool is this thing!!

Tre Emme MM160 MC

Not 100 per cent sure what the hell this thing is, but the easiest way to visually describe it is that it looks like an agricultural Swiss army knife.

In fact, this is a "four seasons" operational machine by Merlo (telehandlers), and it’s like a telehandler on steroids.

A reaching arm here, snow plow there – this thing looks like it can do anything.

In fact, it’s a multi-purpose machine designed for heavy-duty applications, capable of offering "excellent performance" at the same time as being easy to use.

Merlo offers a broad range of high power tool carriers ideal for applications in forestry, orchards, snow clearance, road and rail maintenance.

It might be a little bit over overkill for Australia, but there is no denying that this thing is deeply impressive.

Spec wise, the MM160 MC offers a Deutz 4.1-litre common rail engine that pushes out 160hp (119.4kW), as well as a 40km/h top speed and CVT.

I definitely think TradeFarmMachinery.com.au would have a blast in this thing.

The self-loading cutter wagon from Bonino
The Bonino self-cutting wagon - we're a big fan of this

Bonino self-loading cutter wagon

Not a totally unfamiliar sight Down Under, but certainly not common, is the self-loading cutter wagon from Bonino.

For the farmers who have no idea what this thing is, well it’s a fantastic machine that cuts, carts and feeds out – basically combining the mower and the silage wagon into the one machine. The result is three jobs from a single machine at one time.

Hooked up behind your trusty tractor, the Bonino self-loading cutter wagon uses its front-mounted, rotating cutter bar to cut grass in the field.

This grass is then directly loaded into the wagon by the wagons self-loading elevator. This grass can then be used as feed for the herd.

Bonino claims this increases milk production and quality while lowering feed costs.

Bonino has all bases covered when it comes to their machines and terrain. You can get the AB range, for every type of countryside, whether it be, flat, hilly or mountainous; or there is the Venere range, which is for intensive use on flat ground.

Oh, and to the Aussie boys interested – Greg Allen Machinery Colac supply the Bonino wagons!

The limited edition Deutz-Fahr 7250 TTV Warrior
Please bring these down under Deutz-Fahr!

Deutz-Fahr 7250 TTV Warrior

Just to put into perspective how big this EIMA expo was, I’ll compare it to the size of a dozen IKEAs. The only downfall compared to Aussie events is that you don’t see the machines start up and demo’d.

One exception however was the Deutz-Fahr 7250 TTV Warrior, which was one of the only machines allowed some breathing room.

You’re used to seeing a Deutz in that traditional green, but this limited-edition tractor brings out a darker side in this stunning black paint scheme.

In a parking lot out the rear of the EIMA expo, wondering where I was, I stumbled across this black beauty, which was doing some laps in a roped off area for some spectators.

The PR jargon from Deutz overseas says that this limited edition machine is designed only for the most demanding field work. I can’t tell you if this works any better than a green one, but it sure does look better.

Also, did I mention it was limited edition? Anyway, Deutz-Fahr fans, I am sorry to get your hopes up, because as yet we don’t have any here in this country.

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