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FlipScreen attachments can be used as a conventional bucket, as a wash plant and to break up fertilisers. And this month, there’s a whole stack on sale

Designed for farm work and loved by builders across the country, the Flipscreen attachment makes screening a breeze

"The Best in the World" is a big statement, but when compared with some of the imported sorting and screening buckets in the market today, the FlipScreen stands out.

Invented in Australia, by a farmer for his farm and now built in Wagga Wagga, FlipScreen’s range of attachments are recognised worldwide for their innovation.

It is a multipurpose attachment in that it has the ability to be used as a conventional bucket, as well as being watertight, carrying full loads of material around the site without spilling. And because it can be used underwater, it also functions as a mobile wash plant. Furthermore, it can dig into the fresh ground, and with a change from a screen to a cover, becomes a concrete mixer.

This screen change takes under five minutes, on-site, with no tools and only one operator.

The real strength of the FlipScreen lies in its ability to screen on the move, or wherever the material is needed, such as directly into a truck. This means that the material is handled only one time.

The design has a rotating action that breaks up the clumps of screening material, making it ideal for fertiliser.  

Lumps caused by moisture in fertiliser solidify, creating blockages for spreaders. FlipScreen screening buckets are used at transfer points to rapidly screen out these imperfections giving customers a perfect sample of this valuable commodity.

Used on front end loaders in over 43 countries around the world
Used on front end loaders in over 43 countries around the world

Materials such as lime, gypsum and phosphate rock can also be screened rapidly as part of the bulk handling or transfer process, or to clean up fouled stockpiles. Special stainless steel meshes are provided for particularly corrosive applications.

As for rocks and gravel, the FlipScreen is a dream! Imagine ripping up an area and having some undesirable larger rocks. Well go over that area with the FlipScreen, and then either screen the finer rocks wherever wanted, such as paving a road or screen that directly into a truck, and then the leftover larger unwanted rocks can be dumped on a pile wherever needed.

And what about seed or grain? Well, the FlipScreen can scoop grain out of a bunker and screen straight into a grouper or truck, once again with all the oversize; heads, grasshoppers, moisture clumps, etc. left over to be dumped straight into a bin or wherever suits. As small as 2mm screens for specialised applications are available.

And separating rocks after rock picking is a breeze. Rapid separation is the go, as a FlipScreen can handle any size rocks and screen them down to any size material.

Rocks and dirt are separated exactly where they are scooped or dug up and placed wherever they are needed.

The FlipScreen is also extremely rugged and durable. It is used the world over in industries such as scrap metal, demolition, quarry work and even in a military application to clear antipersonnel landmines.

What this means is that anything that you are looking to screen onsite, the FlipScreen is suitable. And when it comes to the durability of the individual screens, they are almost too well built. Multiple screens are sold because people want different sizes, not because they wear down. Standard mesh screen sizes range from 2mm to 300mm.

Screen anything from boulders to clover seeds
Screen anything from boulders to clover seeds


The FlipScreen will fit onto any tractor, loader, telehandler, or any other carrier machine.

FlipScreen attachments are adorning Front End Loaders and many other carriers in over 43 countries around the world, performing all sorts of farm-related activities. And their customers, once being introduced to a Flipscreen, are said to never go back to other conventional means of screening.

Many customers comment on their surprise at the massive difference, ease of use and simplicity that the Flipscreen brings to their farm. FlipScreen also has direct drive models that require zero daily maintenance. Consider not needing to monitor if an operator is greasing and servicing the machine as required, but instead resting peacefully at the end of the day knowing that the attachments are in good running order.


With the international lockdowns impacting business globally, FlipScreen have recently had shipments that were bound for the US, delayed here in Australia.

They are therefore looking to move this stock on with industry bargains, which together with the government tax incentives, make for some incredible deals.

The following units are going quickly:

• S45: $2,500 off

• BL65: $3,200 off

• WL180: $7,500 off

And many more, just call to get the deal on your particular carrier machine.

This deal ends on May 15, 2020. All these purchases also include 100 per cent Instant Tax Write-off.

A Flipscreen for any carrier
A FlipScreen for any carrier

Interest rates are at an all-time low. FlipScreen says "Get these bargains now, on these once in a lifetime deals."

Prices will be returning to normal in the foreseeable future. FlipScreen is determined to play its part to keep the manufacturing wheels turning.

Innovation and hard work are going to be the traits that cause the economy to bounce back.

"If I were you, I’d get into it, the FlipScreen is a product that provides multiple benefits around the farm, and right now it’s going for a steal!" - Sam Turnbull, CEO FlipScreen.

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