Porter Press Extra: The Coggan Partnership and its new Hyundai wheel loader

By: Harrison Hunkin, Photography by: Harrison Hunkin

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(SPONSORED) Feedlots are hard work, yet the Coggan family’s new Hyundai wheel loader from Porter Equipment is already earning its keep

The Hyundai HL760-9 wheel loader working on a farm in Queensland Australia
The Hyundai HL760-9 from Porter Equipment flexing its muscles

The Coggan Partnership is a machinery buff’s heaven. Giant combine harvesters sit alongside articulated tractors, not to mention the countless implements, trucks and front end loaders that help make up a nearly 100-strong fleet.

However, it’s the Hyundai wheel loader that’s become the new jewel in its fantastic machinery crown. The machine we speak of is the Hyundai HL760-9 from Porter Equipment, and it rules this Queensland feedlot.

But it may have been a different story had it not been for 21-year-old Tom Coggan’s stint at Moxey Farms in New South Wales.

The agribusiness student was undertaking a placement at Moxey Farms, and it was there that Tom witnessed some Hyundai wheel loaders at work. He was impressed.

"We were actually just looking at loaders, predominantly at Volvo, but the operators down there [Moxey Farms] were really happy with the Hyundai," he says.

After researching various brands, an up-spec’d HL760-9 Hyundai was finally chosen.

Tom and his father Phillip says it was the good reviews combined with the approachable, straight-shooting service from Porter Equipment Brisbane that had the entire deal done in two weeks.

"I remember it all started with some quoting from another brand, we got it all done, we’d been talking about it for months," Tom says. "But then we approached Porter in February, enquiring about a machine.

Phillip and Tom Coggan with their new Hyundai Wheel loader from Porter Equipment
Phillip and Tom Coggan say they're raring to go with their new loader as the silage season starts

"They got back to us within about two weeks with a price and put a lot of effort

in with the quoting and researching – they didn’t just put a piece of paper down and expect a dollar figure, they went through what we wanted and what the machine was going to do.

"Because it was such a purpose-built machine I went and looked at it and by the afternoon we bought it," Tom adds.

By purpose-built, he means spec’d up with an upgraded air-conditioning system and a huge bucket from Salmon Buckets & Attachments (SBA) to improve capacity and efficiency around the feedlot. The HL760-9 wheel loader is a six-cylinder turbocharged machine that pushes out 215 horsepower (160kW) from its Cummins engine.

With thousands of cattle and sheep, having the right wheel loader for feed mixing is essential and everything adds up.

"Porter was happy for us to have the direct contact of Salmon Buckets & Attachments, which we’ve never had before," Phillip says.

"We needed a forward-tipping bucket with six-cubic metre capacity and that’s what we got; and then we needed heavy-duty hay spears because we move a lot of hay and that’s what we got. They helped us organise all of that."

To put this into perspective, the Hyundai with its custom SBA bucket is three times the bucket size of the farms’ previous wheel loader.

The Custom SBA bucket is three times the bucket size of the farms' previous wheel loader
The Custom SBA bucket is three times the bucket size of the farms' previous wheel loader

"For example, we loaded nine tonnes of grain today in the finisher ration and we did it in three buckets, whereas we’re usually up near the six to nine buckets," Phillip adds.

"This means our shed is going to be a lot cleaner and everything is going to be a lot more efficient because you can be  slower at how you are doing everything  in the shed; you can take your time, you don’t have to rush everything, because it just happens quick."

Specialising in beef, lamb, wheat and chickpeas, these fifth-generation protein farmers from Queensland believe the Hyundai will have its work cut out for it on the feedlot.

The Coggan’s are also in the process of purchasing a Flipscreen attachment for the Hyundai, which will see the loader flipping manure and gravel.

"We’ve bought a Flipscreen for it so it will screen the manure, it will also spread the manure, it will load out gravel into our road train side tipper, then it will load out of manure into our road train side tippers and will load the manure spreader. It’s going to do a lot of hours," Phillip says.

"Pretty much what it will do once the Flipscreen attachment gets here will be flipping manure from 7am to 10am," Tom adds.

"Then it’ll go back into shed mixing until about three or four o’clock and then it will screen until dark."

Just when you thought the Hyundai had a big enough daily chore list, it was confirmed it is about to embark on silage season.

"We’re really excited because we have the silage season coming, which is up between 10 and 20,000 tonnes," Tom says.

The Hyundai wheel loader from Porter equipment working hard in a QLD feed lot
The Hyundai HL760-9 wheel loader was customised with an upgraded air con system and a huge bucket

"It’s going to be pretty good to use that big bucket in the stack because we’ll be able to move five to seven tonnes of silage with the bucket. We haven’t actually had the opportunity to have a machine to do that before."

For a machine only 10 days old with 40 hours on the clock, the Coggan’s were certainly enthused and excited for what was to come, and that’s saying something as the family has an official Guinness World Record.

Back in 2008, the Coggan Partnership broke the Guinness World Record for the most wheat sown in 24 hours, with 905.48-hectares sown in a 24-hour period, all for charity. But more impressively, they say they broke the previous record about 12 hours in!

With any good machine, you must have the service to match. The Coggan’s attribute 50 per cent of the deal to the support they’ve received from Porter Equipment.

"Wayne Reichow at Porter, he was really approachable and happy to deal with dad or me with the same product compared to some other brands," Tom says.

"The problem we had with previous brands is we didn’t know anyone," he adds. "But this new loader comes out, and we can speak to the head of parts of Australia, their head mechanic in Brisbane, and their head sales rep.

"At least 50 per cent of the deal is due to the service."

Good reviews and approachable service had the deal done in two weeks
Good reviews and approachable service had the deal done in two weeks

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