Why RC mowers are gaining 'momentum'

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Lawn mowers have evolved, like most agricultural tools and solutions, with technology and a greater requirement from users acting as a catalyst for positive change.

The RC Mower TK-52XP mower can handle slopes up to 50 degrees
The RC Mower TK-52XP mower can handle slopes up to 50 degrees

(SPONSORED CONTENT) With both grass cutting and cost cutting, procurement departments and commercial users are consistently looking at ways to improve the return on their investment. Equally, complex structures in landscaping for aesthetics and increased functionality make it increasingly difficult to complete the job efficiently and safely. This article explores some of the reasons why remote-controlled lawnmowers are gaining momentum.


Complex angles and steep slopes can be a serious safety issue. Even if the user’s equipment, such as line trimmers and brush cutters, could handle some of these tricky landscaping features, it certainly couldn’t be tackled effectively and efficiently.

Remote-control mowers negate some of the safety issues because the user is out of harm’s way. With some of the latest solutions like the RC Mower TK-52XP, users not only benefit from remote functionality, but it can handle slopes such as embankments up to an impressive 50 degrees.


With 3,560 serious claims by agriculture, forestry and fishing in 2017-2018, estimated at around $40,228,000 in total, based on an average claim of $11,000, looking after employees by preventing unnecessary injuries such as repetitive strains (RSI) and sprains has become increasingly important. This also has an impact on downtime, adding to the pressure. Needless to say, utilising a remote-controlled device such as the RC Mower TK-52XP not only provides the user with a 300m remote range, but simple actions such as pulling levers, working on angled terrain, and using your back and body weight are all alleviated.


With guard railing and flexible safety barriers implemented along roads and highways to protect vehicles and their passengers, it has become increasingly hard, if not impossible, to access roadside areas to maintain them. Flexible and mobile, remote-controlled mowers can access tight spaces with ease. They can be craned off trucks and positioned to run and rotate in difficult terrain, covering as much as 2.2 acres per hour, with a travel speed of up to 8.5km/h.


With the mower market set to be worth a staggering $1 billion in Australia by 2024 and robotic lawn mowers expected to gain traction, there is little room for cynicism. They have been designed to fulfil a genuine requirement, allowing both professionals and homeowners alike to benefit from additional safety, while enabling users to not just cut grass, but brush and saplings up to 2.5cm in diameter, too.

The RC Mower available at Colbrook Industries is powered by a Kawasaki FX691V and benefits from a push bar, chain guard, front and rear lights, a rollover protection system, and a transport lock and track tension gauge. The fuel capacity provides 50 litres of fuel, and with the deck material consisting of fabricated 7Ga steel with quarter inch spindle reinforcements, the RC Mower TK-52XP is optimised for both efficiency and durability.

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