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FlipScreen Australia is offering a $1,000 discount on its innovative screens in February and March, making now the perfect time to give this Aussie invention a go


The FlipScreen can be attached to anything from your front end loader, tractor, skid steer and more


Wouldn’t it be great to have one of those portable screening plants for when you are ripping up a bit of rock to make gravel for the tracks that you drive down four times a day and thrice on Sundays?

Or imagine if you had your own seed cleaner for when it’s time to sow crops. Even better, if you could just screen straight into the grouper.

How chuffed would mum be if the sheep manure out from under the shearing shed had gone through a professional screener and came out all fluffy without bits of bent wire, sheep’s toenails and shearers’ screwdrivers in it?

While you might never be able to justify buying the kind of screening plants used in quarries, there is a screener which will fit straight onto your front end loader and screen anything you can scoop up.

The inventor of the FlipScreen was, and still is, a farmer, who came up with the idea while ripping up rocks to put on tracks, only to discover that his mixture of boulders turned a dirt track into a minefield of ungradable lumps and bumps.

"If only I could screen these big rocks out, there is beautiful gravel just trying to escape from this pile of rubbish," he thought.

When then faced with lumpy fertiliser from moisture or having scooped it off the rocky ground, he was sure there must be a solution.

Ultimately, there was. The FlipScreen was developed in a small converted hayshed in Mangoplah, New South Wales, which was able to screen ripped rock into gravel 50mm and smaller that spread like butter.


The FlipScreen has the largest surface screening area in its class, such as this 34 square foot (3.16 square metre) mesh for a 3-tonne carrier. The screen size is difficult to gauge when rolled onto the machine.


The FlipScreen inventor was able to screen triticale seed straight into the grouper and he turned sheep manure into something even better than out of a bag from Bunnings.

He even used the FlipScreen to mix concrete for a better shed floor.

This simple invention is now sold into 42 counties around the world. The purpose-built factory in Wagga Wagga has produced over 1,600 of these machines.

FlipScreens are made to fit machines from little Kangas to mining size loaders, from 20 horsepower to 400hp (15kW to 298kW) tractors, telehandlers and excavators. If it digs the ground, the guys in Wagga will make a FlipScreen for it.

For the remainder of February and March there will be a $1,000 discount for all Aussie farmers; just call and talk to the front office about what carrier you would like to fit it onto and the FlipScreen will be made for your tractor, loader, excavator or telehandler.

To find out more about the FlipScreen visit


The optional brush kit helps keep the screen clear of clay or any other sticky material on every rotation – letting farmers keep on working with wet material or when it is raining


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