Product Focus: Valtra G

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The first of its fifth generation of tractors, the Valtra G Series has a powerful engine, a versatile transmission and a cab that sets new benchmarks for comfort and visibility

Product Focus: Valtra G
The G Series comes in four models, G105, G115, G125E and G135


Launched last year at a virtual event, the beginning of the fifth generation of Valtra tractors reveals a range designed to fulfil customer needs and provide the best possible tractor experience.

Made in Finland, the new G Series of tractors is built to be easy to operate, maintain and customise for the individual user.

It is a compact all-purpose tractor engineered to perform demanding front-loader tasks with excellent visibility and comfort, and is the first in the 100–145hp (75–108kW) range to offer SmartTouch controls and full precision farming capabilities.

The G Series comes in four models, G105, G115, G125E and G135. Each model is available with Valtra’s familiar powershift variants: Hitech has open centre hydraulics with mechanical rear remotes; Active offers load sensing hydraulics and power beyond; and Versu provides the award winning SmartTouch armrest with electronic rear remotes.

Customers will also be able to order their G Series tractors direct from the factory with a huge array of options to tailor their tractor to their individual needs.

For those requiring something extraordinary, the in-house Unlimited Studio provides everything from custom paint jobs to forestry/municipal equipment fitting.

Valtra Australia and New Zealand product manager Paul Morris says the G Series tractors are a compact but powerful farming tool.

"The G Series is primarily an all-purpose farm tractor that can be used for front-loader tasks, tillage and producing fodder, but is versatile enough to be easily adapted to specialist tasks like cultivating vegetables or shelter-belt trimming for example," he says.

"Operating an all-purpose tractor like this should be easy, safe and comfortable for all tasks from using the front loader for feeding out to using the Valtra Guide technology for precision farming."

Identifying the high level of front-loader usage in this sector, the new Valtra G Series has been engineered with a strong, balanced chassis and excellent forward visibility as the starting point.

Valtra has been renowned for its peerless chassis strength for decades and the G Series continues this, with no bracing brackets needed for the factory fitted loader subframes and front linkage.


The fourth generation of Valtra set a new benchmark for operator comfort and visibility, and the first offering in the fifth generation takes it a step further.

Front visibility is excellent thanks to the short, rounded bonnet and large sunroof. The high air intake and exhaust are hidden behind the A-pillars so there are no obstacles in any direction. A choice of air-suspended seats, adjustable spring cab suspension and a 3600 roof-mounted A/C system makes the G series cabin a very comfortable workplace.

The G Series has a modern and spacious cab with 5.7 square metres of glass, including 0.35 square metres in the panoramic roof. The controls are laid out thoughtfully with the operator’s natural movement in mind. The convenience level  is further enhanced by electric mirrors, a phone holder and USB charging plugs and the new, easy-to-use machine dashboard in the instrument panel.

Versu models come with the multi-award winning SmartTouch Armrest, which provides easy access to all tractor settings as well as Valtra Guide and Precision Farming technologies.

The SmartTouch Extend screen can be added as a second screen for improved functionality in the Versu or as a primary screen in Active to provide access to the same guidance and technology options as well as being a camera screen and ISOBUS monitor. 

In addition to field and farmyard tasks, the G Series is also suitable for forestry tasks – as Valtra tractors always have been.

For forestry tasks, the G Series can be specified with narrow mudguards, a steel fuel tank, polycarbonate glass, forest tyres, a rotating seat and cab protection.

The auxiliary light pack provides four working lights at the front and six at the rear, which also turn on automatically when reversing, facilitating work in dark conditions.


The G Series has a 24+24R transmission with four ranges and six Powershift gears. The transmission is built in cooperation with GIMA in France, sharing some of the proven componentry with other Agco models but in a heavy duty casing that is unique to Valtra.

It adopts all the control systems from the N4 and T4 series tractors, including AutoTraction (brake-to-neutral) and Hill Hold functions. The shifts from B to C range and between C and D ranges are automated, allowing it to be driven like an automatic car. It even has a kick-down function for fast acceleration and a very easy to use cruise control system.

Versu models go a step further, with the SmartTouch armrest allowing the tractor to be operated by just the throttle pedal or driving lever like a CVT.

Using the standard radar, Versu models also feature Valtra’s automatic slip regulator. This system works like traction control to limit the output of the transmission when wheel slip occurs.

It is fully adjustable, reduces tyre wear and fuel consumption, and increases the ability to achieve target working depth compared to draft control.

HiTech models have an open hydraulics system that produces 100 litres per minute, while Active and Versu models have load-sensing hydraulics that produce 110 litres per minute. Up to three mechanical or four electronic valves are available at the rear and up to four electronic mid-mount valves can be optioned. Valtra’s patented hydraulic assistant feature increases engine rpm based on demand from any of the electronic valves while automatically downshifting to maintain speed.

The rear linkage is rated at 50kN (minimum) across the entire lifting range with a 60kN max lifting force. The optional front linkage is rated at 30kN with a 45kN max. Front power take-off (PTO) is also available.


The new G Series is powered by reliable four-cylinder 4.4-litre Agco Power engines. The compact size of the engine enables a very low nose that provides excellent visibility.

The engine complies with Stage V emissions standards without exhaust gas recirculation. An electronic wastegate and 1,600 bar Bosch common rail injection offer fast response and plenty of torque across a broad range of engine speeds.

The G105, G115 and G125E all offer an additional 5hp (3.7kW) boost, while the G135’s 10hp (7.5kW) boost allow it to achieve 145hp (108kW). One of the key features of Valtra tractors is the wide availability of engine boost.

Sigma power ensures maximum boost power is always available based on PTO demand, even when the tractor is stationary. Tractive boost is available from the B5 gear (around 6km/h) and above.

The G125E is the EcoPower model in the G series. By selecting the EcoPower mode the operator changes the characteristics of the engine so that it produces peak  ower at lower 1,750rpm instead of 1,900rpm. This also results in higher peak torque at lower rpm and lower fuel consumption and is ideal for heavy draft applications like ploughing or seeding. Valtra’s EcoPower mode saves nature, money and also your hearing thanks to their lower noise.

With production already commenced for European markets, customers should speak to their local Valtra dealer to secure an early build slot for their Valtra G Series.

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