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Redesigned to work better on difficult terrain, the new Maschio Gaspardo Gigante Pressure seed drill is built for high quality seeding.

The 6mm-thick, 475mm-diameter coulter slices smoothly through soil

Make no mistake, Maschio Gaspardo’s flagship Gigante Pressure seed drill range keeps impressing farmers right across Australia. The feedback is uniformly positive: it’s easy to use, offering superior germination rates, minimal disturbance to the soil and a machine that can be relied on, day in day out.

Specifically designed for our conditions and tough working environments, farmers and contractors need look no further when considering seeding quality and return on investment.


Highly adaptable due to innovative configurations, the Gigante Pressure is an advanced direct seed drill with pneumatic seed and fertiliser distribution. Upgrades encompass a rotation of the seeder’s pressurised hopper, with bins now positioned front to back and lowered in the chassis – aiding the job of seeding on difficult terrain.

The hermetically sealed pressurised hopper is split into two compartments – 70/30 for any seed/fertiliser combinations. The trailed pneumatic seed drill plants seeds in rows 150mm apart using its coil sprung dampened independent sowing unit.

Pressure is the key

Designed and made by Gaspardo, the seeding unit delivers powerful downwards pressure (up to 210kg) when cutting a seeding line, resulting in reliable, high quality direct drilling – regardless of soil type and field conditions – with the least possible soil disturbance.

Gigante Pressure’s distribution system enables seed and fertiliser to be drilled in a single shot, enhancing root efficiency as the product is assimilated. This makes it ideal for rapid and successful germination in tilled or untilled soils.

The 6mm-thick, 475mm-diameter coulter slices smoothly through soil, simultaneously cutting back crop residue. Sowing depth is controlled at the seed delivery point on each individual row unit via an adjustable (0–80mm) spoked rubber depth wheel. In combination with the downwards pressure, the result is consistent seeding depth across the full width of the drill, even in undulating paddocks.

Durable, efficient and cost effective

The sowing elements are independent and reinforced, improving the life span of the Gigante Pressure, while new coulters with a unique profile for better seed penetration promote high quality seeding, as well as boosting wear resistance.

The advantages to the user's operation include better soil fertility and organic matter, while compaction, oxidative stress and erosion are reduced. For the bottom line, there’s less time spent working the soil, fuel savings and lower cost of inputs. The epitome of conservation agriculture, it reworks the soil while reducing emissions and minimising the loss of fertile soil to erosion.

A Gigante Pressure is ISOBUS compatible

ISOBUS compatibility

The Gigante Pressure is ISOBUS compatible, equipped with electric drives and a GPS speed detection system as standard. This improves the ergonomics of the workspace by reducing monitors and cabling inside the cab and making it easy to swap the Gigante between tractors as required. The tractor's ISOBUS terminal handles seed calibration and work parameter control – making it a fully digital solution.

Via task controller variable rate (TC-GEO) and automatic section control (TC-SC), the Gigante Pressure also takes advantage of ISOBUS precision farming functionalities. This machine won’t be left behind as precision farming grows in popularity.

It is user-friendly, too, constructed with a folding frame for ease of transport and centralised greasing for quick and easy maintenance. To top it off, each Maschio Gaspardo Gigante Pressure comes with an industry-leading two-year warranty. 

For all the details about the Maschio Gaspardo range, please talk to your local dealer or Maschio Gaspardo Australia representative Tom, on 0484 999 044, or visit


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