Track Advantage with Trackman

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Keeping tyre pressure to a minimum during tillage and seeding time will lead to better crops at harvest – and there’s one way to make sure that happens

Track Advantage with Trackman
Trackman tracks offer better floatation and less compaction than tyres


Using tracks in place of tyres has been shown to help maximise work and lower operating costs, whether the operation is ground preparation, planting or harvesting, according to overseas tests.

Wheel, tyre and track suppliers Big Tyre distributes the Trackman range of agricultural rubber tracks in Australia, and the company’s sales manager Robert Ward says the products can offer better flotation and traction, as well as less soil compaction and a smoother ride.

Ward explains that rubber tracks typically operate with a slip of 3–5 per cent compared to tyres, which have a slip of up to 10 per cent or greater.

Slip causes compaction by creating pressure and moving the soil – either compressing it between the lugs as the tyre tries to grip the surface, being compressed into itself as the vehicle sinks into the ground during wet weather, or being shorn away, leaving a smooth surface that seals when it dries, creating a hard, impervious layer.

As tracks distribute the weight of a unit over a larger surface area than tyres do, this encourages better water penetration in the soils below, as well as better seed placement during planting and, ultimately, better root development.

Further to this, their better flotation means tracks help machines convert more engine power into drawbar pull – boosting productivity.

The use of tracks allows bigger implements to be used, allowing for a decrease in labour requirements, and less fuel usage.

All of these ultimately lead to an improvement in yield.

The Trackman tracks distributed in Australia through Big Tyre are manufactured at a production facility in Ohio – formerly owned by Continental but now operated by Michigan-based Loc Performance.

Opened in 1940 to manufacture defence products, the facility has been making Trackman agricultural rubber tracks since the mid-1980s.

In that time, innovations such as galvanised cable, Armorlug and Maxtuff steel belt reinforcement were all introduced, giving the Trackman track unequaled strength and service life.

"Trackman customers will continue to get the same products, made to the same high quality specifications by the same highly skilled workforce with the simple change in the brand name from ‘Continental Trackman’ to ‘Trackman by Loc’," says Ward.

For more information on rubber tracks, check out the website at

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