Antonio Carraro tractors ideal for tight spaces

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Antonio Carraro’s specialised tractors take tight rows and steep hills in their stride with a compact stance and powerful performance

Two tractor models within Antonio Carraro Australia’s range showcase the manufacturer’s ability to respond to specific farming needs with unique solutions.

Standing just 1.72m from the ground, the TGF 8900 R is Antonio Carraro’s lowest available tractor, while the SRX 8900 R is the manufacturer’s ideal option for tight spaces and narrow rows in orchards, with a footprint just 1.06m wide.

Both are fitted with Antonio Carraro’s patented Actio chassis, which sales manager Marco Corra says provides much better traction and stability for the user in all conditions.

"On a tractor, normally you have a fixed chassis which sits on top of the axles," he says.

"In our design, the axles go through the chassis, which brings a lower centre of gravity, and also there is an oscillation point, not articulation, which means that the front axle moves 15 degrees each side in comparison to the rear axle, or vice versa.

"It creates better stability and we have a lot of customers in Australia coming to us because of this stability. They are using it in very steep conditions. It is not just used for orchards but in open fields and farms that have cattle."

The TGF is Antonio Carraro’s lowest available tractor

These machines were both tested at up to a 38-degree angle in Antonio Carraro’s Italian factory to ensure their stability, Corra says.

Both the TGF and SRX tractors are available in 50 horsepower, 75hp and 100hp (37, 56 and 75kW) models and have the choice of hydrostatic or mechanical transmission.

Both tractors are described by the manufacturer as "multipurpose machines", due to their ability to easily change the track width and operating configurations to suit all working environments.

The TGF, with its low overall height and therefore low centre of gravity, is particularly useful in berry orchards or vineyards due to its ability to drive underneath terraces.

It is also fitted with e-Drive transmission to make changes of direction easy, particularly while using an implement, and a number of new features including an Eco-mode have been added to improve the gearbox’s functionality.

"These are two unique models in the Australian market and they really excel because there isn’t anything like them," Corra says.

"They are extremely powerful machines for how compact we can make them and that’s why they are so unique.

"We have a huge range of tractors and within those models and we have a huge amount of options you can spec the tractor with."

Other than the engines – which are usually Kubota although some of the smaller models use Yanmar – everything is made in-house by Antonio Carraro.

Another crucial feature of the tractors – and the reason R features as a standalone letter in the model name – is that they are reversible.

The compact build allows the TGF tractor to fit underneath branches

Fitted with 32 gears – 16 forward and 16 reverse – in mechanical transmission, the operator can effectively turn a back-facing implement into a front-facing one, which Corra says can be particularly useful while pruning orchards.

"About 85 per cent of our models have a reversible console, which turns the seat of the operator around and basically you’re facing the PTO [power take-off]," Corra says.

"In a tractor, the PTO is the most important point of the machine as you usually put an implement on.

"The fact of turning the seat around and having the same speed and gears on reverse allows the operator to have a much better view of whatever they are doing with an implement.

"Having it at the front always is beneficial for the operator because they can always focus on the details of each individual plant while pruning."

While Antonio Carraro’s tractors are used by all types of Australian farmers, including broadacre, it is unsurprising that a company with more than a century of history in north-eastern Italy, a region famous for vineyards and wine production, would specialise in tractors for that environment.

Corra says the low cabin on the TGF tractors has been designed to accommodate these types of farmers.

"It is designed mainly for spraying, which is one of the biggest operations of any farmer that has an orchard [or is involved in] fruit production or tree harvesting," he says.

"Adding a pressurised cabin so low allows the operator to go through the rows without affecting the trees or touching any branches.

"There are a lot of plantations, for example apple, where the trees are grown in a row that is shaped like a Y, where the branches don’t come up straight but come out like a Y.

"If you have the rows planted like that, you could have the trees much wider to allow the passage of bigger tractors with the same horsepower, but then you are not really utilising the space you have very well."

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