Product Focus: Faresin Classic 7.45 telehandler

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The Classic 7.45 model is included in Faresin’s middle range of telehandlers.

Thanks to its reduced size, operators can use it to work in a small space with extreme ease and reach heights from 7.1m, carrying a maximum capacity of 4,500kg.

Faresin has designed its cabs to favour maximum comfort, efficiency and visibility – providing users with everything needed to make work easy and productive. 

With 360 degree views and efficient heating and ventilation inside the cabin, Faresin prioritises safety.

The Classic 7.45 has a maximum capacity of 4,500kg

Offering a full range of mixer wagons and agricultural telehandlers, Faresin Industries is an Italian family-owned manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment.

Combining a compact design with high manoeuverability allows the line of telehandlers to work well in small spaces with extreme ease.

Their range of telehandlers can be used for various farming purposes, from moving bales of hay and handling grain, loading feed into mixer wagons or distributing to livestock. 

They can be useful in cleaning stables and a range of other tasks involving the carrying of heavy loads with the forks. 

Faresin telehandlers are used for lifting, transporting and positioning of any load and can be used for moving easily in environments with limited space. 

The manufacturer says a telescopic handler is more maneuverable than a classic tractor with a front lift, and the visibility is better. 

With a clean and efficient engine, Faresin’s 7.45 Classic provides the power needed for farming jobs.

For more information on Faresin products in Australia, contact Ahern Australia at 1300 900 700.

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