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Backplane Systems Technology has a range of new technology that can assist in various aspects of farming, such as improving crop yielding or guiding farming machinery

The farming industry plays an integral role in the functioning of an economy, and even more so it provides food security for the broader community. However, the impact of COVID-19 and the recent Queensland-New South Wales floods has led the Australian farming industry to face extreme turbulence.

This has led to food shortages Australia-wide, ultimately inflating food prices and leading to a rise in the cost of living.

To start with, Australian farmers were hit with labour shortages due to COVID isolation rules, where backpackers were not available as a source of seasonal labour due to borderline restrictions and Australian workers were limited due to stay at home orders passed by the state governments.

Backplane Systems Technology has products to help Australian farmers

Likewise, as the pandemic stretched farming supplies also became scarce, prohibiting farmers to continue production at full scale.

Similarly, farming equipment such as tractors have had price increases and maintain long leading times due to component shortages and increased freight costs.

If the supply shock from COVID wasn’t enough, the Queensland-NSW floods of 2022 have pushed the Australian farming industry even further. The floods impacted the transportation of fresh produce, as the most common method of transportation, trucks, were prohibited due to the conditions of the road. Also, the floods destroyed the plantations, drowning most of the produce being grown.

The constant state of uncertainty has left the Australian farming industry in extreme turmoil.

To revive production and secure long-term effective solutions it is essential to deploy advanced technology in farming to coincide with traditional practices and achieve greater productivity and faster results.

Backplane Systems Technology has a range of new technology that can assist in various aspects of farming, whether that is improving the crop yielding process through AI and Edge computing or guiding farming machinery in case of labour shortages using in-vehicle computing. 

The latest amongst the new range is NRU-52S, which is a Rugged NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Edge AI Computer.

The main feature of the NRU-52S is that it supports four IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ ports, one of the most advanced forms of PoE ports that can supply up to 90W to IP cameras or PTZ speed dome cameras for AI-based detection, tracking, and recognition applications.

This can be extremely useful in farming practice, as through the PoE cameras NRU-52S can detect the growth of farming products to assist in the yielding process.

Furthermore, the NRU-52S can function under a wide temperature range and has low power consumption, making it ideal for the rugged Australian farmlands.

Backplane’s technology aims to help farmers in areas such as crop yielding and machinery guidance

Backplane Systems Technology also supports Neousys’s Nuvo-7100VTC, which is an in-vehicle fanless embedded computer.

A highlight of the Nuvo-7100VTC is the isolated CAN bus for in-vehicle communication, enabling an effective line of exchange between the vehicle and its control centre.

The Nuvo-7100VTC is specifically designed for vehicles as it is compliant with E-Mark and EN 50155/ EN 45545, making it certified for use in vehicles and ensuring connectivity in shock/vibration environments.

Nuvo-7100VTC can be of immense use for farming practices wherever vehicles are involved, such as the transportation of produce yielded, transportation of farming supplies, etc.

The Australian farming industry is facing continuous challenges that are costing the country access to fresh produce at a fair price.

To ensure food security in a developed nation like Australia, modern technology needs to be deployed to offset the ongoing challenges.

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