Kuhn's Euromix designed for consistency

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Kuhn’s Euromix 3DL/CL Triple-Auger Mixer delivers mixed feed to cattle consistently, every time

Mixed feeding in dairy and beef operations can offer many benefits. For beef producers, mixed rations lead to faster weight gains, while for dairy producers, mixed feed can help increase production by slowing down a cow’s rumination and stabilising their PH levels.

Kuhn’s Euromix 3DL/CL Triple-Auger Mixer ensures a consistent feed mix and offers maximum efficiency for large dairy and beef producers, with one load able to feed 360 head of cattle. The mixer is equipped with a pressed hopper, ensuring the machine is resistant to strain and is ready for intense daily work.

The pressed hopper circulates the product in a figure of eight, while also moving it from the bottom to the top of the tub, consistently and accurately mixing feed each time, ensuring cattle don’t miss out on any key ingredients.

The Kuhn Euromix 3DL/CL Triple-Auger Mixer

To improve efficiency, the Euromix tubs are designed with hydraulic counter knives, positioned diagonally to the auger. This positioning reduces the space between the counter knife and the auger, increasing the contact surface with dry fodder and in turn, increasing the fodder chopping speed.

The asymmetric shape of the knives also acts as a self-cleaning mechanism within the machine, minimising fodder left in the tub and reducing overall waste.

Stainless steel augers are standard on the Euromix 3DL/CL for longevity of the machine. They give the customer a higher sale back price on the trade in because the augers will not need replacing.

The Euromix 3DL/CL provides versatility in feed distribution, with doors on the right and left sides, and the rear of the machine.

The cross conveyor also has two positions at the front or rear of the machine driven by a hydraulic motor at each end, so regardless of the rotation direction, perfect operation is guaranteed.

The wagon is also equipped with features for ease of use, from an electric control box allowing the use of up to three doors, six load cells positioned between the tub and the chassis for accurate weighing, and an eight-inch (21cm) secondary display tablet that transmits data to the main weigh box.

Incorporating the Euromix 3 CL Triple-Auger Mixer into on-farm feed delivery systems not only allows farmers to achieve maximum benefits in their livestock production, but the machine can also help reduce waste and improve efficiency of operations.

To learn more about Kuhn’s Euromix 3 CL Triple-Auger Mixer, visit www.kuhn.com.au or contact your local dealer.

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