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Backplane Systems Technology believes an information-savvy agricultural sector will provide local agricultural businesses with more control over changing global conditions

Considering present challenges such as COVID-19, floods and supply chain limitations; Australian farming businesses can benefit from implementing new technologies that can sustain the growth and diversification of the industry.

Across the globe, farmers have access to data processing technology as well as artificial intelligence (AI) computing.

With data processing technology, farmers can centralise information and enable data sharing which allows them to make well-informed decisions, have effective risk management, undertake research and development activities, shape capital and streamline operations to make effective use of labour.

For example, farmers are using data tracking to analyse ground points to maximise crop yielding, while AI GPU computing enables farmers’ automation and artificial intelligence which is key for the Australian farming industry to boost productivity, increase efficiency, adapt to ongoing industry changes and fill the gap for labour shortages.

Farmers are also using AI drone technology to survey large farmlands to locate livestock, record updates on plant growth, monitor water points and check for any foreign entry on farmland.

Backplane Systems Technology supports innovative equipment that will enable farming businesses to unlock dormant opportunities and compete effectively in the global market.

The Neousys Nuvo-7250VTC

Backplane has introduced Neousys’ Nuvo-7250VTC, which is a rugged in-vehicle controller powered by Intel 9th/8th-Gen Core processors and comes with a supercapacitor-based power backup solution, making this device ideal for the rigours of the Australian outback.

Nuvo-7250VTC also features an isolated CAN bus for in-vehicle communication and isolated DIO for sensor and actuator control.

It also has four or eight 802.3at PoE+ ports to supply 25W power to connected devices such as IP cameras with M12 (x-coded connectors).

This combines to make Nuvo-7250VTC an effective part of applications that automate agriculture processes through in-vehicle computing and sensor and camera monitoring.

Backplane Systems Technology also supports the NRU-110V series, which is of huge assistance to agricultural applications.

The NRU-110V series is a Jetson AGX Xavier computer supporting GMSL cameras that can act as a camera sensor hub for autonomous driving.

NRU-110V further integrates various I/O interfaces to interact with different sensors on autonomous machines, and it also has a CAN bus interface to connect an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to localise and determine orientation and position.

This allows NRU-110V to figure out its positions and destination on farming land.

NRU-110V is apt for unmanned vehicles in the farming industry, addressing the labour shortage issues when harvesting crops through machinery.

The NRU-110V series

Backplane Systems Technology also offers a huge range of data acquisition and control modules to manage large quantities of data effectively and allow for accurate decision-making.

This is inclusive of board-level DAC products, modular DAC products and an extensive range of serial connection signal conditioning, allowing farmers to manage information regarding temperatures and power.

The Australian farming sector is continuously growing and adding immense value to the nation’s economy, however innovative technology needs to be integrated into traditional farming practices to sustain such growth.

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