Kuhn livestock range suits big and small

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Kuhn Farm Machinery’s livestock range offers a variety of trailed mixers and straw blowers that cater for small to large-scale operations

Kuhn’s Primor 5570 M, Euromix 3 CL Triple Auger Mixer and Profile 1 CL and 2 CL Mixer wagons are core machines within the livestock range.

Whether it’s ration feeding or distributing straw bedding, the Primor 5570 M is the perfect addition for any livestock producer looking to optimise their production.

Its ‘shower’ distribution design gives it the ability to distribute even quantities of straw or silage, ideal for feed rationing or bedding distribution. The distribution function is made possible by the 300-degree swivel chute that enables producers to distribute hay to the left, right and rear of the machine.

With a hydraulic tailgate and conveyor controls, operators can load round bales with the greatest of ease - the tailgate sits flush to the conveyor facilitating the loading of bales with no need for an external loader. All operations can be conducted from the comfort of the tractor cab with an electronic control panel that can change the direction of the chute and adjust the chute cap.

Kuhn's Profile CL mixer wagon

The Primor 5570 M can carry three round-bales at one time and a 1.4m bale can be distributed in less than three minutes, increasing efficiency.

Kuhn’s Euromix 3 CL Triple Auger Mixer is the recommended mixer for large scale livestock operators. With the ability to feed up to 360 head per load, the Euromix has been designed to ensure an accurate and even mix is delivered to livestock every time. To achieve the even mix of ingredients and to prevent any blockages, a pressed hopper circulates and works in a figure of eight while also moving feed from the bottom to the top of the tub.

To improve operator efficiency, the Euromix tubs are designed with hydraulic counter knives, positioned diagonally to auger. This positioning reduces the space between the counter knife and the auger, increasing the contact surface with dry fodder and in turn increasing the fodder chopping speed. The asymmetric shape of the knives also acts as a self-cleaning mechanism within the machine, minimising fodder left in the tub.

The Euromix provides versatility in feed distribution, with doors on the right and left sides, and the rear of the machine making it ideal for large scale livestock operators.

Kuhn’s Profile 1 CL Single-Auger and 2 CL Twin-Auger mixer wagons are ideal for small to mid-size operations because of their compact design.

The Profile 1 CL mixer has been designed with one vertical auger and is suitable for herds of 14 to 110 head, and the Profile 2 CL mixer operates with two vertical augers and is suitable for herds of 90 to 265 head.

Kuhn’s Euromix 3 CL Triple Auger Mixer

Like the Euromix, Kuhn’s Profile mixer wagons continually circulate the fodder and move it from the bottom to the top of the hopper to deliver evenly mixed rations.

To ensure a fast-chopping action, the Profile range has been designed with polygon-shaped tubs with multiple sides as opposed to rolled bodies. It is equipped with asymmetric knives - the longer knives reach around the width of the tub, while the shorter knives guarantee the chopping effect.

Both the Profile 1 CL and 2 CL offer efficient feeding system solutions from a technical, nutritional and economic level. The inbuilt, accurate weighing system allows operators to adapt the quantity of each ration component to the needs of the herd, making the range adaptable for all operators.

For more information on Kuhn’s livestock range visit; www.kuhn.com.au/livestock

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