Earthquake post rammer gives contractor reliability

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Despite its compact size, the PR50S post rammer runs rings around the competition, one NSW contractor says

Anthony Barr could not speak more glowingly about his post rammer.

The New South Wales-based contractor has owned his PR50S rammer from Earthquake for over two years and praises its strength, speed and reliability for transforming his operations.

Barr sums up the power of his post rammer succinctly.

"Put it this way – if that thing won’t ram it in, it won’t go in," he says.

"We’re using it to ram everything from exclusion strainer posts right through the railway line and drill rod.

"I’ve used other rammers before but this one just absolutely runs rings around them.

"It’s very compact and very robust, and it’s an amazing bit of gear."

The PR50S attached to a Komatsu PC50MR mini excavator

The PR50S silenced rammer, which Barr uses, is described by Earthquake as its "most popular post rammer to date", with units having been sold to all areas of Australia.

It is suitable for skid steer loaders up to 70 horsepower (52kW) in capacity, with other units in the Earthquake range available for more powerful loaders.

It forms one part of Earthquake’s post rammer range, which also includes units designed for tractors, telehandlers and excavators.

Another benefit Barr gains from the PR50S is easy transportation, due to its compact nature.

"We can just tow it around on a trailer, we don’t need a truck or ramps or anything like that, so it makes it a lot quicker for us," he says.

"We can get off, ram in six or seven posts, put it back on the trailer and we’re gone.

"Some of the other rammers are big and cumbersome but this thing fits in the back of the ute, it fits on the trailer and you don’t need massive gear to run it or cart it around."

Compact machinery can often mean a compromise in power or ability to handle high volumes – but not in this case.

One example of this is when Barr and his PR50S were asked to contract on a job site and the rammer’s speed left the existing contractor struggling.

"We were ramming in like four or five posts to their one. It was just chalk and cheese," he says.

"I couldn’t believe the difference in the two. After that, they used us as the contractor and the other fellas moved on.

"We used to use air drivers and things like that, which are really good for what they do, but this thing is 10 times faster.

"If you want to put in a lot of posts in a day – I’m talking 100 posts a day, 100 strainer posts, assemblies – you wouldn’t do it with an air driver, whereas with this thing you would do it easily."

The post rammer is easy to transport and quickly gets the job done

Barr also praised Earthquake owner Mick Dowl for his customer service and backup support, saying he was always willing to answer questions at any time of the day.

Perhaps the greatest endorsement Barr can give the PR50S – and Earthquake by extension – is the fact he has not required any repairs or encountered issues with the rammer.

"Their backup is unreal, absolutely fantastic," he says.

"I haven’t had anything go wrong at all and our questions to Mick are more to do with an attachment or something because I haven’t had an issue with it.

"We haven’t had a loose bolt or any welds crack, even though it’s on a hammer all day. It cops a fair whack, and I would have put in thousands and thousands of posts with it.

"We’ve really put it through its paces and it’s just amazing for us."

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