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Fiona Simson elected to global advocacy role

The appointment of Fiona Simson to a global advocacy role has been described as a win for Australia

Former National Farmers Federation president Fiona Simson has been elected as vice-president of the World Farmers Organisation.

Simson, who stepped down from her NFF role last year, was elected to the global position at the WFO general assembly in Rome last month.

Her appointment, which came after nomination by the NFF, was hailed as a significant win for Australia by current NFF president David Jochinke.

“This elevates the NFF’s voice at the table, ensuring Australian farmers will be heard in international conversations on global agricultural policy and how food and fibre are produced in Australia,” Jochinke says.

“Issues such as climate change, deforestation, animal welfare and agvet chemicals are influencing the policy agendas across the globe.

“These are all issues of critical concern to Australian farmers and we have to make sure global policymakers and markets understand them in the Australian context.

“The WFO’s growing influence with powerful bodies, such as the Food and Agriculture Organisation, World Trade Organisation and the United Nations, heightens the need for Australian representation.”

Simson’s appointment was also praised by Farmers for Climate Action CEO Natalie Collard, who says the group’s 8,200 members are thrilled.

“Fiona Simson has been an effective leader for farmers and for the climate,” Collard says.

“She is valued by the farming community for advocating for Australian agriculture and the climate farmers rely on in a balanced and sensible way.”

The WFO describes its mission as being to “represent the farmers’ voice and advocate on their behalf in all the relevant international processes affecting their present and their future, ranging from the global dialogue on agriculture to nutrition and sustainability.”

It is comprised of six regional constituencies, with Simson having represented Oceania since last year.

Simson will serve as vice-president under Frenchman Arnold Puech D’Alissac, who was re-elected to the president’s role last month.

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