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Funding to accelerate Boss Engineering’s growth

Private equity funding will help Boss Engineering develop new products and expand its operations across regional Queensland and New South Wales, the company says

New South Wales based manufacturer Boss Engineering says it can now accelerate its growth after signing a deal for Alceon Private Equity to become a 50 per cent owner.

Boss is a robotics-first manufacturer of agricultural machinery including seeders, planters and air carts and has 27 robots in its 32,500sqm facility in the NSW town of Inverell.

The deal with Alceon will allow for a geographical growth of Boss’ operations, along with accelerating its capacity to introduce new products.

“The partnership with Alceon Private Equity will empower Boss to solve more problems for our customers and increase employment throughout Inverell and other locations, such as our newly established [Wagga Wagga] site and soon to open Tamworth and Toowoomba sites,” Boss Engineering CEO Nathan Barnett says.

“Alceon brings growth capital and scaling experience that complements our core capability of engineering excellence.

“The investment will provide the funding to allow Boss to accelerate new product development and increase productive capacity by investing in new machinery, robots, infrastructure and our people.”

Alceon Group’s joint managing director of private equity Zac Midalia describes Boss as being an Australian success story of global proportions.

“The entrepreneurial, engineering-led and robotic focus has created a culture of excellence and performance,” he says.

“The result of this has rewarded these remarkable founders and this incredible company and we are grateful to be part of the next chapter of growth as we take Boss Engineering to the nation.”

Boss Engineering was formed in 2007 and three of the company’s founders – Mick Grills, Andrew English and Dan Ryan – will stay in the business, while Alceon’s Ben Sebel will join the Boss board.

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