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Highline bale stacker getting jobs done quickly

Making fewer trips into paddocks saves time and money, and that has been the focus for Highline with its FaStack bale stacker

Collecting and stacking hay bales as quickly and efficiently as possible is the key target for operators and contractors, and there are opportunities to hit new records in this area with Highline’s unique square bale stacker.

Distributed by Waringa Distribution, the Highline FS1200 stacker can carry up to 12 bales.

Waringa Distribution’s general manager Sam Abbott says the ease of operating the FS1200 stacker will impress operators.

“You have a touch screen and you can control everything with a joystick while driving the tractor,” he says.

“One tip is all that’s required with the Highline stacker to gently and securely unload.

“With the flip of a switch, you also have the unique ability to stack on strings (facing down) or off strings (facing to the side), without needing to make any other machine adjustments – and you have the ability to tie-stack or crisscross the bales if desired.

“The FS1200 model also has an added rotating front table that can twist and turn two bales into their final position before lifting them on to the bed.”

The Highline stacker uses a patented bale clamp to grab and lift bales off the ground, preventing scrubbing of the bales.

Bumper cushions also keep the integrity of bales intact and then side rails secure them in place.

Sam says the FS1200 stacker is set on a 3m wheel centre to suit controlled traffic farming systems and it can pick bales up in the same direction they come out of the baler to further minimise damage.

“High flotation tyres also make it pretty smooth and comfortable when heading across uneven land,” he says.

Meanwhile, for round hay bales, Highline offers double row and single row bale movers that have been designed to allow great visibility behind the machines.

The movers automatically turn and shift bales for fast, non-stop loading and transport, meaning operators never have to leave the tractor.

Highline’s BM1400 double row mover picks from both sides and its BM607 and BM605 single row machines also feature Auto Bale Shuttle, which allows operators to automatically shift the last loaded bale back one position, so they can load the next bale without manually shuttling the load.

For further information on the Highline hay bale stacker and movers, operators can contact Waringa Distribution on (08) 6154 5999 or visit

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