New Holland’s T9.700 tractor sets new records

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New Holland T9.700 New Holland T9.700

New Holland backs up its claims of strength and efficiency thanks to a series of tests conducted by the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory (NTTL).

The T9.700 set new benchmarks in three categories: drawbar fuel efficiency, drawbar horsepower and maximum pull.

New Holland says the T9.700 outperformed every other tractor ever tested under the NTTL criteria.

The manufacturer adds that these results are not simply achieved by equipping a tractor with a lot of power, nor are they achieved by fitting a more fuel efficient engine.

"It’s one thing to generate a lot of horsepower. It's another to efficiently transfer that power throughout the tractor and, ultimately, to the ground and the implement you're pulling."

The T9.700 achieved highest drawbar horsepower at 543.43hp, highest power take-off (PTO) horsepower at 546.6hp, as well as highest drawbar horsepower at 62,135lbs of pull.

It also broke a record for best fuel efficiency at highest drawbar horsepower with 66.7 litres per hour.

New Holland claims that these records were achievable due the T9.700’s use of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) engine technology, which, according to New Holland "allows engines to run cleaner and cooler for better fluid efficiency, including diesel fuel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)."

In addition, New Holland asserts it SCR technology to be the most efficient and most powerful diesel emissions-control technology on the market.

Other impressive features of the T9.700 which helped it to achieve these records include

  • Axles that are capable of carrying up to 29,937kg,
  • A steel fuel tank which helps structural rigidity,
  • A durable frame built of 12.7mm thick steel,
  • Heavier drivelines,
  • 140mm axles,
  • And a long wheelbase with built-in weight.

The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory (NTTL) is the officially designated tractor testing station for the United States and tests tractors according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) codes.

Twenty-nine countries around the world adhere to the tractor test codes, with nearly all maintaining an active test station

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