Rapid Spray’s new FieldLink packed with 'years' of customer input

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Developed after years of customer input, engineering and field testing, the FieldLink is Rapid Spray’s newest three point linkage sprayer – developed entirely for Australian conditions

Rapid Spray's new FieldLink sprayer system
Rapid Spray’s water tanks have been designed to withstand sun degradation

With years of experience in farming, Rapid Spray’s founders set up shop in the heart of the Hunter Valley with the sole purpose of making farming equipment more effective, efficient and durable for harsh Australian conditions.

Loaded with innovative features, the FieldLink three point linkage sprayer is the latest product to continue this tradition.

Available in 400-, 600- and 800-litre tank sizes with a range of boom sizes up to 10m wide, the FieldLink is the perfect fit for fruit and vegetable producers, cereal farmers, pasture growers, the hobby farmer and much more, from small acreage to large-scale operations.

The tanks are designed to contour to the back of the tractor to bring the weight up and close over those back wheels, with its low centre of gravity increasing stability when you’re out there in rugged and undulating terrain.

Many hours of engineering has gone into the design of the tank to get the weight as close as possible to both the ground and the tractor, making it able to handle unforgiving ruts and slopes – though you should always follow vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for safe operations.


Backed with a 15-year warranty, Rapid Spray tanks are moulded in a world-class tank moulding facility right here in Australia.

For many years, farmers have been struggling with the age-old problem of the fierce Australian sun degrading their tanks.

In low quality, brittle tanks with little to no UV ray protection, not only will the tank wear out far quicker, but the chemical inside will degrade faster.

With an industry leading 15-year warranty, the UV-resistant solid teal colour of the FieldLink tank prevents algae growth and ensures the longevity of the chemical, which reduces costs and time lost due to failed applications. 

The FieldLink tank also comes with a heavy 450ml hinged lid and a big basket filter to catch any debris that might come through.

It also comes with a flush tank, equipped with up to 70L of fresh water, to flush any leftover chemical residue from the pump and lines – helping to further guarantee the life of your unit.

There’s a standard 15m of hose and spray gun for spot spraying available on all models
There’s a standard 15m of hose and spray gun for spot spraying available on all models


Rapid Spray’s intense focus on safety while spraying has been front and centre throughout the development of the FieldLink.

All units come equipped with an additional 17L fresh water tank with hand wash tap as standard – meaning fresh water is readily available in case of a chemical spill or other in-field emergency.

The FieldLink’s galvanised frame has an easily adjustable boom mount as well as having forklift pockets incorporated, making it easy to move without damaging any hoses or fittings.

With a five-year warranty on the frame, the FieldLink is a sprayer that looks after you and will stand the test of time.


Compact, tough and good looking, the FieldLink has been designed with the operator in mind.

While most linkage sprayers have the controls mounted to the front, on the tractor side, the FieldLink stands out from the rest by having the controls within easy reaching distance for the operator from the cab due to the sloping tank design. 

With the standard 15m of hose and spray gun for spot spraying available on all models, and the option to upgrade to the market-leading Buddy Smart auto remote hose reel, the operator can get those hard to reach places while on the go.

The new design means the operator only has to spin around to turn the boom on and off and to adjust spraying pressure.

That pressure is supplied by a massive 75L/min Italy-made Bertolini pump, which comes standard from the entry level Eco models right through to the Pro models.

Being a three diaphragm pump, you won’t have to worry about pressure pulsation and fiddly damper diaphragms found on other equipment.

"Rapid Spray believes you shouldn’t need to settle for less just because of budget constraints," the company says.

"Versatility and efficiency is paramount on any farm and that is why the FieldLink is more than just a tractor sprayer."

Rapid Spray says the FieldLink has been designed for safety and ease of use
Rapid Spray says the FieldLink has been designed for safety and ease of use


Rapid Spray product consultant Andrew Stewart says the FieldLink has ticked every box.

"It’s compact and engineered for safety; user friendly; has operational benefits such as the large hinge lid, close to cab controls, and market leading flush tank," he says.

"The FieldLink really does help the operator take back spraying." 

If you are interested in purchasing a FieldLink, visit a dealers, call 1800 011 000 or go online at www.rapidspray.net/fieldlink.

Disclaimer: Always obey tractor manufacturer instructions regarding loading and operation of your tractor. Serious injury or death can occur from improper usage. 

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