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VIDEO: Innovative chaff deck solves weed issues at harvest

There are currently several methods and tools available on the market for weed seed destruction at harvest but a Western Australian farmer has invented a system which claims to be one of the most cost effective and environmentally efficient options available.

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The EMAR chaff deck system was invented by a grain grower in Esperance, WA and was commercially produced with the help of an engineering company in the area.  However, due to the overwhelming response received following the release of the machine, WA based agricultural machinery manufacturer Primary Sales has since taken over the production of the EMAR chaff deck.  

The company recently had the device out on display at the 2014 Dowerin Field Days.

According to Primary Sales Operations Manager Chris Jackson, the chaff deck can be installed on to the back of a header or a combine and is ideal for use on most broad acre farms, especially those practicing Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF).

The chaff deck works by diverting chaff fractions and weed seeds at harvest into compacted traffic lanes where it is deemed inhospitable for plants, hence inhibiting the germination of weeds.

“Where herbicide resistance is present which is in most crops these days, the best way to attack that is not to apply more chemical,” he says.

Instead of using other methods such as windrow burning which is hazardous to the environment, or using a chaff cart which costs a good chunk of money, Jackson says the EMAR chaff deck is the best way to combat weeds.

“You’d be looking at between $10,000 and $14,000 plus GST to buy one,” he says.

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