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Intersales wins dealer award and widens range

Fresh from being named Case IH’s Dealer of the Year, Intersales has announced an expansion into New Holland machinery

It has been a big start to 2024 for dealership group Intersales.

The four-branch dealer was named Case IH’s dealership of the year for 2023, which was revealed in April, while also announcing its expansion into selling and servicing machinery from fellow CNH Industrial brand New Holland.

Based in New South Wales, Intersales has branches in Temora, Griffith, Albury-Wodonga and Wagga Wagga.

The group was named Case IH’s Dealer of the Year with three branches or more.

Intersales CEO Amanda Blachut admits she was surprised to have claimed the major prize, crediting the other dealers within Case IH’s network.

“I’m pretty surprised that we managed to win this award, we are up against strong performers who are tried and tested and amazing at what they do,” she says.

“I’m amazed and blown away at the fact we won. For our name even to be nominated, I was taken aback. I was so proud of our team.”

Case IH says its dealer of the year results are based on a range of criteria, including finance and business management, performance in sales and marketing, and parts and servicing, precision technology and total market share.

Blachut says Intersales has put considerable time and effort into these areas with the goal of improving both the business itself and the overall experience for both customers and staff.

Despite this ongoing effort, she says it was still a surprise to be recognised for a process which promises further improvement in the months and years ahead.

“We’ve spent a lot of time in building our processes, and recognising the processes that build on the support of each staff member – just making it easier for you to do a good job,” she says.

“We have invested a lot in our sales department, as well as precision agriculture and after sales support, parts and service, and a lot of our training.

“I was very surprised we won this year because we aren’t there yet.

“We are definitely working towards it and have started down the road putting a fair bit of investment and time into it, we have won in the past when we only had two dealerships”

One of the challenges faced by any multi-branch dealer is ensuring consistency between sites which can be located hundreds of kilometres apart.

While Intersales branches have all got “their own different heartbeats” and their own different situations that they face, Blachut says training is one area which Intersales has identified as being key to its ongoing success.

The growth of technology in agriculture, along with the world’s more interconnected nature, has created opportunities for new staff to build their skills quicker than before, she adds.

“In the old days it took 15 to 20 years to get your experience and really leverage what you knew,” Blachut says.

“Now there are so many great things out there so if people want to apply themselves, they just springboard.

“Their level of competency can be achieved a lot faster these days.”

Intersales is a dealership clearly focused on growth and improvement, with no desire to rest on its laurels.

In 2022, an expanded machinery workshop at its Wagga Wagga branch was opened, with the additional 1,200sqm facility having been custom designed to Intersales’ needs.

Last year, an open day was held at the Albury-Wodonga branch after the COVID-19 pandemic prevented Intersales from staging an official opening following the branch’s launch in 2020.

Cadmac’s Jarrod Stephenson and Mitch Price, Adam Blachut and Amanda Blachut, from Intersales. Image: Intersales

Another big move is set to shake up Intersales’ offering even further.

The group recently announced the acquisition of New Holland dealership Cadmac Machinery’s two branches in Riverina-Wagga Wagga and Wodonga.

Intersales will continue to operate these locations as New Holland dealerships and can now offer both major CNH Industrial brands to its customers.

“We’re proud to have had the opportunity to purchase Cadmac from the Bektash family, bringing with it a new chapter to the Intersales story,” Blachut says.

“The change presents us with opportunities for alignment, growth and innovation.”

With Intersales being geographically surrounded by other major Case IH dealers, Blachut says the opportunity to grow in that sense was limited.

“Our thinking was instead of expanding our footprint, because we’re being circled by other major dealers, let’s expand within the CNH network,” she says.

CNH Industrial’s agriculture business director Aaron Bett says the New Holland expansion will create new opportunities for Intersales customers, while also praising the group for its dealership award win.

“Intersales is a proven performer in the southern NSW regions it covers, its reputation for excellence cemented by its recent win in the Case IH Dealer of the Year awards,” Bett says.

“To now have New Holland machinery under its remit introduces a raft of new opportunities for the company, and its customers,” he says.

Intersales’ full product range, along with contact details for its Temora, Griffith, Albury-Wodonga and Wagga Wagga branches, can be found at

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