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Jetland ramp ready to work for Victorian customer

Quality service and a quality product has one Victorian customer feeling happy he chose Jetland Loading Ramps

Jack Holden admits he was initially unsure about buying from Jetland Loading Ramps – having previously been unfamiliar with the company.

Yet sometimes a leap of faith pays off, and now Holden has nothing but praise for both the ramp he purchased and the service he received throughout the process.

Melbourne-based Jetland supplies ramps to transport agricultural machinery such as tractors and excavators, along with everything from 40-tonne truck ramps to wheelchair ramps.

Jetland is run by Jimmy Fang, who Holden says went out of his way to make sure the whole experience was smooth and positive.

“Jimmy was very good and really genuine, so I’ve got to take my hat off to him,” Holden says.

“He’s got a good product there and he’s trying to do the right thing.”

Another of Jetland’s unique selling points is free delivery to any commercial address in Australia with loading facilities, along with an array of strategically placed depots around the country where ramps can also be delivered without cost.

It was this latter option that Holden took advantage of, having his ramp recently delivered to a depot in the Victoria-New South Wales border town of Wodonga.

Despite being a first time Jetland buyer, any uncertainty Holden had about the reliability of the process was unfounded.

“I’ve had a few dodgy deals with guys trying to sell you stuff,” Holden says.

“This ramp was sold to me for the price quoted, delivered to the depot and I just picked them up and away I went.

“He didn’t rip me off and he was trying hard not to – he’s a very genuine guy and he has followed up with me since.”

Holden’s actual need for a Jetland ramp was multifaceted.

A diesel mechanic by trade, he now runs an earthmoving business while also living on a property of about 8 hectares.

His fleet of machinery includes excavators, an 80hp 4WD tractor, plus a small truck to move everything between job sites.

The solution was a 3.5m long Jetland ramp which has a six-tonne rated capacity – something which is necessary considering his tractor weighs nearly that amount.

Holden had previously been borrowing four-tonne ramps whenever he needed them, but thanks to Jetland he now has his own ramp and a bolstered capacity – all without any noticeable increase in overall product weight.

“I’ve got a little tray truck which we put mini excavators on, plus tractors and we pull cars up on it,” Holden says.

“I don’t just move things around the property, I cart things around the jobs we do and we also do work on other farms.

“The truck tray is a metre high off the ground and I can comfortably drive my tractor up on that and do bits and pieces wherever I need to.

“My tractor weighs near six tonnes and I’ve driven that up on the ramp – it works well.”

Considering he is using the ramp for multiple types of machinery, it is important that Holden has something which is strong enough to handle its daily tasks.

His Jetland ramp ticks that box emphatically.

“The ramps that I’ve been borrowing and using are nowhere need the strength of this,” Holden says.

“They’re dangerous if they’re too weak, so you’ve got to have really strong stuff to do the job.

“Jimmy explained how these ramps are beefed up and built stronger at the two ends, which they definitely are.”

Jetland’s ramps can be divided into four series – A, B, C and D – with variations in the ramp lengths, load capacities and wheel or track types each ramp best suits.

Jetland’s shortest ramps start at just 1.8m while its longest is 4.8m. The strongest ramp is capable of handling 42 tonnes.

Across the board, all ramps are made from super-strong aluminium which helps to ensure they are both lightweight and portable, despite their strength.

All Jetland ramps exceed safety standards and are backed up by a 12-month warranty.

They also feature anti-slip surfaces and safety pins to ensure safety during the operating process is further enhanced.

Jetland’s website is also regularly updated to reflect which stock is available in the Melbourne warehouse, ensuring customers can order with confidence, knowing their purchase will arrive quickly.

Quick delivery and good customer service is the first step towards producing happy customers like Holden, and supplying a quality, fit-for-purpose ramp is the second part of the equation.

“It’s a brilliant ramp,” Holden says.

“We think they’re great, they’re good value for what they cost and they are a very good product.”

Jetland Loading Ramps is located at 211-219 Boundary Road in the Melbourne suburb of Mordialloc and its product range is online at

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