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JSG to showcase lubrication and fire suppression

JSG Industrial Systems will use the FutureAg expo to remind customers how lubrication and fire suppression equipment can improve daily operations on a farm

As FutureAg provides a snapshot at what the next generation of Australian agriculture will look like, it is important to remember every aspect of the farming process and the need to consider maintenance.

Machines will evolve, as will the technology powering them, but the importance of lubrication and fire suppression will remain constants.

This is the core business of expo exhibitor JSG Industrial Systems, which will be showcasing its product range under the theme of “adding value to the crop cycle”.


Providing an extensive range of lubrication systems is an area of expertise for JSG, which can offer its customers everything from basic and manual setups for small farm equipment through to fully automated systems for large-scale broadacre machinery.

This variety will be on display at FutureAg, with JSG’s experienced team able to guide potential customers through the most suitable options available, depending on their specific requirements.

Regardless of a machine’s size, the importance of regular lubrication is fundamental, as JSG’s lubrication product sales manager Branco Zivic previously told Farms & Farm Machinery.

“What we’re trying to introduce is the idea that regular greasing or periodically greasing a machine is better than doing it once a day,” he said.

“Small amounts of grease, but often, is better than a one-off situation once a day.

“It’s also important that farmers keep introducing new technologies or systems that can benefit greater productivity and reliability of their equipment,” Zivic added.

“If we can provide them a product that would reduce labour and increase productivity, then they’re a lot better off.”

SKF Lincoln automated electric cartridge pump. Image: JSG

Much of JSG’s lubrication product range bears the SKF Lincoln brand name.

A newly launched product is the SKF Lincoln compact lubrication pump series (CLP).

Lightweight, simple and easy to use pump with a compact design, it is suitable for small progressive lubrication systems.

Among these options is the CLP Basic and Basic Plus, designed to be both reliable and affordable for the more simple lubrication tasks.

It offers reliable functionality and easy maintenance and can be controlled by an external lubrication controller or the machine control system.

Using the SKF eLube app allows users to determine lubricant levels and pump functions remotely.

There is no need to stop the machine or physically access the pump to check lubricant levels and this can save time and also reduce the risk of accidents.

By adding an automated CLP system, farmers have the dual benefits of both reduced maintenance at the end of a long working day, and an easier and more cost-effective regular machine service.

Another of JSG’s most recent additions is the automated electric cartridge pump (AECP), which only hit the local market late last year.

Designed to provide simplicity and compactness for machines such as small tractors and telehandlers, the AECP can be placed directly on to the machine.

It lubricates progressively throughout the day while the machine is in motion, with the only ongoing requirement being to replace the empty grease cartridge.

JSG’s larger-scale systems also provide real-time data and predictive maintenance alerts, optimising a farmer’s lubrication schedules for maximum efficiency.

The Muster TUFF system. Image: JSG

Fire suppression

Australian farmers regularly work in extreme heat and remote environments, where a small fire caused by mechanical failure or overheating can quickly become a major problem.

It is for this reason JSG says that equipping machinery with its fire suppression systems is vital.

“These are designed to detect and suppress fires quickly, safeguarding equipment, crops and operator safety,” JSG says.

“These systems are not only critical for preventing immediate fire dangers but are also crucial for maintaining continuous farming operations and essential for sustaining agricultural productivity.”

JSG offers fire suppression systems from Muster, which can be broadly split into the Muster Foam Based System and Muster TUFF system.

If excessive heat or flames are detected within the engine bay while a machine is operating, the Muster fire suppression sensors will immediately discharge an environmentally-responsible firefighting foam solution.

The TUFF system – which stands for Transferrable Unit for Fire Fighting – is easily attached or positioned on mobile equipment or the back of a support vehicle.

This is a flexible unit designed to provide more power, and is available in three sizes (38L, 66L and 110L) and two different pressure capacities (700kPa and 1,370kPa).

Ideally suited to the agricultural market, it works off nitrogen pressure and comes with a 15m retractable hose reel.

This means fires which may have quickly spread around the machine can be swiftly and effectively dealt with.

To learn more about what JSG Industrial Systems can offer, visit or visit them at Stand 82 at this month’s FutureAg.

Muster TUFF can be easily placed on to large farm machinery. Image: JSG
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