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Motion’s promise: quality and reliability in every hose

Motion’s commitment across sectors such as agriculture, mining, and manufacturing is evident through their robust hose products and connectors, notably Powell Exitflex brand

These products are designed for the rigorous demands of these industries, with offerings such as air seeder hoses for precise seed distribution and durable suction and delivery hoses for efficient fluid transfer.

Key to leveraging these top-tier hose and fittings is their correct assembly, a process expertly outlined by Motion specialist Gavin Wilson. This involves:

  • Ferrule Placement and Marking: Securing the ferrule onto the hose and marking to ensure no movement during the cam lock fitting, critical for a leak-proof connection.
  • Lubricating the Cam Lock: Easing the fitting process into the hose, enhancing the assembly efficiency for the fitter.
  • Precision Crimping: Ensuring the hose is crimped to the specified requirements, vital for maintaining integrity under operational pressures.

The assembly process detailed by Motion’s Powell business underscores their dedication to delivering high-quality and reliable solutions.

Highlighting precision in each step, showcases the meticulous attention to ensuring their products meet the demands of various sectors effectively.

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