John Deere rolls out new 9 series balers - Find out more

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John Deere 9 series baler 1 John Deere 9 series baler 1
John Deere 9 series baler 2 John Deere 9 series baler 2
John Deere 9 series baler 3 John Deere 9 series baler 3
John Deere 9 series baler 4 John Deere 9 series baler 4
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[Advertisement] The 9 Series was designed to strengthen your operation. We created our new round balers with the strongest, most durable components. By making the core of the baler stronger, we built a machine that produces the best bales possible. The better the bale, the better you can preserve high-quality hay for greater livestock feed ... improving your overall business.

John Deere has introduced its 9 Series Round Balers for 2013.

The range which includes 12 baler models comes with a range of enhancements that John Deere claims will increase durability and productivity of the balers.

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These enhancements include larger cams and bearings in their existing pickup system, new Diamond chains, a redesigned output shaft, quicker gate cycle time for speedier bale ejection and extended-lube driveline

According to Laura Cobb, senior marketing representative at John Deere Ottumwa Works, the new 9 Series Round Balers offer customers a larger selection of machines that will handle a wide variety of forage and silage baling needs. The current round baler line-up is listed below.

"We've also added silage-special balers to the Class IV baler line-up, giving customers options for larger bale sizes in silage, especially new five-by-six-foot bales," Cobb says.

A new ISOBus electronics system is also built into the new range which John Deere claims ensures responsive baler/tractor operation.

The new system has GreenStar 3 integration with 1800, 2600, 2630, and CommandCenter displays which John Deere says will give customers full monitoring and control of their machines.

Cobb says customers will appreciate the additional strength and reliability of the new 9 Series Round Balers.

"They'll have more optional features to choose from to customise their baler to the type of crop they have and the size of bale they want to handle. As a result, we've made it easier for customers to produce tight, uniformly sized and shaped bales faster than ever before."

More information on the full line of John Deere 9 Series Round Balers is available on John Deere's website. Or call your local John Deere dealer by contacting 1800 800 981.

Class Models Bale Size Max wt. day Max wt. wet
Class I 449 4'X4' 340kg 568kg
Class II 459 Standard 4'X5' 455kg dry only
Class II 459 4'X5' 500kg 795kg
Class II 459 Sillage Special 4'X5' 660kg 795kg
Class III 559 5'X5' 660kg 795kg
Class III 559 Silage Special 5'X5' 660kg 1000kg
Class III 469 4'X6' 750kg 1000kg
Class III 469 Silage Special 4'X6' 750kg 1000kg
Class III 459 Premium 4'X6' 750kg 1000kg
Class IV 569 5'X6' 1000kg 1000kg
Class IV 569 Premium 5'X6' 1000kg 1090kg
Class IV 569 Silage Special 5'X6' 1000kg 1090kg

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